holy shit this little kid fucking rips. 0:34 is nuts... i dont think ive seen that shit before.

skate shiTT

the title of this one hooked me straight off... and "toxic turdz" delivers. these dudes are fucking killing it; legit skate shit, some slams, some fucking around, rad spots... fucking rad skate flick. 
this is a first:

o.s.k. sessions

some rad skateparks and definitely some solid lines in this one.

more charmer testing

another "inside look" (lol) at how these products are rigorously tested.

death or glory roTTerdam

trick jam in rotterdam at that fucking killer skate park. theres a solid slam in there when they start going for the rail @2:02.

bb17 roof drop stress test

ruff is putting some serious testing on his charmer proto. pretty big drop there.