ucla mini

packy and friends are back at it and getting better fast. best be ready for it cuz this mob has some serious potential. shake some shit up guys.

random ediTT: kyle ferguson

fuckin psyched on this one. obviously friends of packy golan, these dudes are putting in work. check the 0:30, that roll in is nuts.

aloha bmxed

some bmx shit from your friends at aloha fixed. nice. these guys do it all, skate, bmx, fixed, not to mention some real first time ever shit on fixed. aloha fixed is unstoppable.

"skate shiTT"

26ed thrasher

i keep coming across this thing... super clean 26 build. who doesnt love a murdered out bike?

rooTTs: one hour

filming on lunch break? haha, i dig this edit


here's a one trick flick from matthew spencer. blasting an air.

now i won

a new one from wolfdrawn featuring congo, edited by matt... cant go wrong with that combo.

slum worm: one hiTT wonder

fucking rad one liner... worth repeating even, fucking rad. these guys are dedicated and coming up quick.

sam & grip shop

an edit from overseas... definitely some killer lines in here.

mikey mile

that park has so much shit that looks fun for big bikes... london keeps putting down solid edits.