rooTTs: double dose

Subrosa's Get Used To It (Trailer 1) from Subrosa Brand on Vimeo.

new full length coming from subrosa... that ender was fuckin rad.


these little cameras are fuckin rad. check it. its called the gopro hd. get one.

off TTopic: zcdc cruisers

i dont usually post shit like this, but its friday, im at work, and i dont want to be here... probably the same for some of you. i love cruisers, i love venice beach, seems reasonable. plus, he does a wheelie in there... so he's kinda trickin it. lol.

smashed up sundays

trick meet... looks like a good time. nice fuckin head slam in there, fuck man.

flat fix

new joint from flat fix... not too many tricks landed in this one, but the playground freestyle is pretty killer haha.

charmer build

love watching a bike build. just built up my new rig last night. pics coming soon.

manny october edit

nice intro slam haha.