off TTopic

off topic but noteworthy. this shit should be pretty cool.

nakanosima park

that kid "funny" rips.


a new one from your friends at elevated engineering. this is mostly antics and shit, but theres some footage of miles, some bmx, and a little bit of skate. somewhat off topic... 

FYI: tom lamarche on the come up

in case you didnt notice... toms new wrahw flick was posted at the come up. naturally there are still some hard headed douche bags talking shit, head over and check out the comments.

"skate shiTT"

kind of dated, but still legit. the whole video is up on vimeo if you cruise over to "casual business" on vimeo.

fall edit

go chill at the park and practice some tricks... nothing insane here, just hanging out practicing. looks like some keo inspired stuff in the works.