elephant & castle

when i grabbed that last mixt meat edit... i noticed this one that i hadnt seen. some shit from super ted and other favorite londoners in here... rad vibe too, riding with a big mob and shit. 

mixtmeat: jordan edit

that off road forest shit is rad... wish there was a spot around here like that.

bb17 charmer pics

this thing looks fuckin killer. check out that barspin clearance. so rad. sloped top tube, these things are fire.

j0s3Ph M1n1 edit

kids are coming out of nowhere with some solid shit. fucking psyched to see this shit developing. saw this over at lockedcog.

tom lamarche for wrahw

saw this over at the bb17 blog... below is their specs. this fork looks solid, has big tire clearance, and still a reasonable a to c.

材質 material:4130 cromoly Heat treated
高度 height:16.5″ (418mm)
上管 steer tube length:190mm
重量 weight:1.05kg
顏色 color:Black,White

*Clearance for 54c++ tires*
*Fork with Integrated top cap*