dual 26 mordecai

ive been waiting to see one of these built up on 26's. looks pretty good if you ask me. 
spotted over at tricktrack. fuckin psyched, i want one.

felix dol

here's some footage from geometrick. saw this over on the phoenix blog...

"skate shiTT"

haha. slowmo from carhartt. cool shit.

cara notestine: memphis edit

some chick fix shit to get your monday rolling... watch out juliet 

keo for dvs

according to vimeo, this has been up for 25 days... i try to stay on top of this shit, so i dont know how i missed it. anywys, caught it over at zlogblog. some riding from the elusive keo, one of our fgfs forefathers. im feeling those footplants. he probably has the smoothest most natural flatground style thats ever been seen.