"skate shiTT"

worth the watch if ur ready to sit down and watch some skateboarding... a little long for a web edit, but it has some moments. there's definitely some unreal spots in here that would be fucking killer on the old fixed bike.

ratskl: adam sabil taufik

saw this jam over at prolly's blog... its got almost all the things we love at TTv; predominantly fgfs, some 26/mtbmx, and some skate shit. the filming is nice, and the editing is cool, but it kinda drags out. still a cool flick tho.


the intro, that slider shit at 1:03, the fakie barhop down the stairs, the last three tricks... so many highlites in this flick.


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looks like i stumbled upon some bootleg footage of wonka. (like bootleg literally, not bootleg sessions). that ledge is pretty nuts. he's definitely still on top of his game, cant wait for that grime edit.

update: duh this is everywhere now... so i guess wonka is just over in seoul and this is a clip from it... lol, it looks like a bystander with a camera phone snagged this clip tho...

miles maTThia for elevated engineering

broke arm cant stop miles... dude stays killing it. the frame is looking good all painted and shit, cant wait for the full edit.


looks good, keep it mellow, cruise around. saw this over at prolly's joint.