"skate shiTT"

im feeling that moped intro. it seems like euro spots/video scenery make a hell of a backdrop. this kid rips, give it a whirl.

...and while we're on the skate topic, harold hunter day is right around the corner.

daichi lee: welcome to halflink ediTT

kids are coming up these days... this shouldnt be the first and wont be the last time you hear of daichi lee... but what is halflink... fill me in

hot september days

here's another one from packy golan, formerly known as mr shitpants or something like that... solid riding, rad song, and some jokester shit in there for a laugh.

rally 2010 summer ediTT

some real nice filming and editing in here.


hapyness is spelled wrong lol...

...but that first little clip is pretty nuts.


krislc tearing shit up...


fuck yeah. muffinman's killing shit these days. this is the latest from the dahstreets guys and its fire.