indusTTrial fixed

i keep saying it, they're coming out of the wood works... new names keep popping up. this dudes got potential killer written all over him. keep em coming guys.

mike schmiTT for wrahw

no sense in calling out any highlites here... this shit is fucking real as it gets. sorry i slept on it, but seriously mike is fucking killing it. fixed gear next level, its so fucking real these days. thank you mike, five very enthusiastic fucking killing it motherfucking stars.

iphone 360

quick clip of matthew spencer floating a solid 3 out of a bowl. fuckin killer... film horizontal next time tho!!!

tony fasTT

we havent seen much from tony and his esb for a while now... good to see that he's still on it. especially being that he is one of the original fixed freestyle riders to push it. also, a little glimps of lamarche in there, the grandaddy of it all.