specialized 14mm 9t fixed hub

saw this over at slumworm and i had to repost. this is history, like one small cog for bikes, one giant axel for mankind. joking aside, i cant wait for these to drop... head over to the slumworm blog for the details and more photos.

new shit from specialized

i saw this over at prolly's blog. so fuckin rad. 14mm 9t driver from specialized... also, he's got the inside scoop on the slum worm dual 26 fixed setup (also from specialized). more pics, more details, these bikes look killer. head over and check it out. so fuckin rad. also, rumor has it a new wheel talk flick coming this afternoon. CLICK HERE NOW!

torey thornTTon for grime

so rad. torey is fucking awesome and always creative. love this flick and the new bike looks killer.

maTT montoya on macaframa

epic video. shot so clean. everything you'd expect from a macaframa production... and then some. the tricks are so legit. i'd been feeling like these guys fell of as far as trick stuff goes, but this really brings them back into the spotlight.