photohunTT: afg

some big shit from some people who are flying under the radar. now where's the video? pretty fuckin rad tho.

zlog: a day at the park

jamil, chacon, wizard, and congo... some big names and some big tricks in there. i gotta say tho, congo is fucking killing it these days. he is on a whole new level right now. seen at zlongblog.

aj austin: fall mini ediTT

i always expect to see something good from aj, and every time its better than expected. this edit is not only killing it in the riding department, but also rad on entertainment.

photohunTT: bike shelf

cool idea. email chris brigham to get your hands on one. more info at knife and saw

rooTTs: ride fast

hill bombs and wallrides. this dude rides fast... some of those hill bombs are fucking insane.

"skate shiTT"

for whatever dumbshit reason, i've resisted posting this... ive probably watched it like 4 times now. i fuckin love it, its beyond me how i've convinced myself not to post this. neil diamond soundtrack, nyc, skateboarding, super legit filming, rad sneakers, wtf, rad flick check it.


all i've seen so far is the intro, but holy shit. i cant imagine going over the bars in an intersection, on a red light to top it off.


here's a new one from krislc. psyched to see a flick from him. dude has rad style. i was wondering when we'd see an edit on that new frame. cab3 slider in there is a fuckin highlight in my book, so clean.