ucla ediTT from mr shitlobby

fuckin dig it guys... some mellow tricks, great music choice, and that ender... so rad. we gotta see more of that kid shredding.


twice the fuck yeah from this one... not only is this a rad edit, but it looks like vision streetwear is pushing their way back into bmx. fuckin rad.

mini ediTT

that first clip is some holy shit man.

saTTurday vs liberal

trick meet up or trick contest? not quite sure. kinda long and slow.


long wheelies, street cruising, backwards ride commuting... mellow flick of some city cruise freestylin.

best of both worlds

pfg coming through with some skatepark and dirt shit... i love the dirt fixed. nice slam at the intro.

sean coaTTs: ryd havoc promo

coats killing shit. frame looks pretty solid. sean is on a whole new level here... i havent seen much from him in a while and now this drops and he's on fucking fire. im psyched to see sean coming up, he's a cool kid.