deaTTh or glory

trick comp in rotterdam... this shit is going to be fucking rad. the skatepark looks awesome. cant wait.

gagefoo end of summer

solid edit. looks like he's getting some serious tricks dialed these days. gage is progressing quick, this edit tells the tale.

friday morning funnies


rooTTs: dah streets

im a big fan of, ive been following this blog for a while now... this flick is some riding in ny, these dudes definitely keep it real. muffinman is killing it these days.

photohunTT: rooTTs edition

rad pic.

BB17 TTrick frame

breakbrake17 has a trick frame in the works... this thing should be rad. 59mm tire clearance, mid bb, cutout seattube for a slammed rear wheel. im psyched on this one. cant wait to see the whole thing.

kevin anderson d.a.m.p. contest edit

saw this over at zlog blog. its a damp butterbeam edit, some cool shit in there, dig that little mtb trail.