keep it loose and dont forget to "have fun". that shit is so fucking cliche, but these dudes are obviously keeping it mellow, check it.

first person perspective

kinda cool...  worth a look if you're stuck at a desk all day wishing you were on your bike.

cory vulture

cory's "keeping the track in trick track" haha. saw this shit on tricktrack and had to repost. this guys been down since day one it seems like. since long before the doom movie anyways. keep em comin man.


gagefoo gettin down... i really dig this kids sliders, they come around smoothe and lazy, in a world of sloppy forced sliders and indian givers... gage foo's got em on lock. theres more to it than that, check the flick its worth a watch.

"skate shiTT"

i usually like my skate shit a little more raw than this... but this shit is pretty cool.


jacob dommer butterbeam contest

here's another butterbeam contest submission... i still think that alex kid fucking killed it way harder than anyone. just sayin.