wheel talk 3!!!!

this shit is the real deal. one of the most entertaining and solid edits i've seen in a while. these guys are getting way better... epic spots, killer lines, dirt jumps... fucking killing it.


wouldnt expect something like this from dvs. haha.

"skate shiTT"

richie jackson with some seriously creative skate shit... fucking killing it.

rooTTs: eat shit

i dont know if everyone's seen this or not... but this is a pretty solid slam here.


the new shit from w-base looks legit, check it:
new color stylin frame
new proto do-a-trick fork (going lighter)
...and last but not least, bmx cranks. 
this shit is looking killer. their bars look good too.
check em out: w-base

dungoh han summer edit

some cool shit in here... lots of high speed flatground. (doin that shit proper)

rva for bootleg4

according to torey this was supposed to be their trailer for bootleg... didnt end up getting used, but its a pretty good edit.
via: wrahw

mountain dew and fuel tv

i dont really care whats good about this... mountain dew and fuel tv are fucking stupid. if youre amped on this... good for you... either way thats my opinion. fuck the man, fuck walmart, fuck starbucks, fuck mountain dew, and fuck fuel tv. (while im on this rant) tv is going to die off eventually anyways, making way for the internet, so fuck tv and all the bullshit that goes on behind the scenes there. im all for supporting fixed gear, but this goes way outside the hands of "cool" people pushing the sport and into the world run by suited yuppies, statistical reports, contracts, exploitation, mcdonalds, and walmart... fuck the man.

(this is absolutely in no way aimed at the guys on bikes in this video, their trick meet, or their decision to cooperate with this video.) (just a rant)