14mm slotted

fuck yeah. this is innovation at its finest... been hearing about this for a while, its fucking awesome to finally see it.

"skate shiTT"

check out that park setup... so fucking killer. doesnt SE bikes have something going with DC??? How bout west coast mayhem at this spot... wouldnt that be some shit. anyways... check it. killer park.

rooTTs: adam grandmaison

this has been around for a few days now... if you havent seen it, here you go. its your good friend and "fixie" hater adam grandmaison from the come up. personally i think this guy is kind of a douche, but to each his own. hate the blogger not the blog. LOL. whatever the case, this is the worlds loudest fixed freestyle hater on his "little kids bike". haha.

grime sup mang 700

here it is... torey snagged the first of the grime 700c sup mang frames. the geo looks pretty fuckin killer. it features negative bb drop, that alone is fucking nuts. not too much in the way of details, i cant wait to see rear tire clearance, barspin clearance, etc... either way, this thing looks fucking amazing, digging that paint job.
more here: wrahw

jakob santos

fucking killing it for real.