vimeohunt: TTomoson

went hunting around vimeo for some flicks, found this one.... good times, just get out and film shit, it doesnt have to be a 20 stair or some super gnarly shit, sometimes just fucking around with friends is a good time.


the ender is nuts

maTT's mordecai

this is matt's leader mordecai build... these things are looking so fucking rad, and matt's is nothing short of proper. rumor has it (on tricktrack) that these can fit dual 26x2.3's... i might be checkin one of these out in the near future. this build here is wheelin on 50c tires, fucking killer man. full specs and more pics at wolfdrawn

caleb bauer bmx

this one was sent in by a reader. some bay area bmx... getting in touch with their roots. i dont know if these are the same guys that ride fixed, but there some standout tricks in here... check the fence ride. fuck you lucy.