broken wrisTT

the crash at the end is pretty epic. check it.

cultur road TTrip

more flicks from the road... its been a while, i was figuring more would surface eventually...

"skate shiTT"

smoothest fucking style...

nasTTy: one trick

fuckin killer

bike of the monTTh: july

super ted custom 26" esb
this is a one off... no production mode, but so fucking rad. 
steeper head tube, tighter rear triangle, higher bb.
26x2.3's. so fucking rad. got me jealous as fuck. 
this is by all means, bike of the monTTh.

gnarcotix summer twentyten

been a while since we've seen one from these guys... definitely not a let down, but wheres that steveland cleaner. i wanna see that thing blast around.



lbc doin things, gnar-b-q style... kinda long, but there some solid shit early on.

wiz & joe

that dude joe has skatepark lines on lock...