"skate shit"

ha. that shit is weird.skate billiards?


saw this over at 14bikeco... definitely deserved a re-post

erik v

according to erik... nothing fancy, but this shit is pretty fuckin solid in my book. this dude is natural on a fixed. cant wait to see where he goes with these bikes. solid style, solid tricks, some rails in there too.

big bmx: kns.lo

this is some killer 26" bmx. kns.lo is one of my favorite posse's to follow... good edits keep popping up from them. check it. 0:48 is rad.

jordan burTT

here's some mellow riding from jburt... nothin too crazy. i dig this dudes style. someone tell him to stay off his bmx.

jwolf grom shred

i dig seeing videos from the younger guys... soon they'll be taking over. this kids got a bag of tricks, kind of a mellow edit, but if this kid stays on it, he'll be killing it before he's old enough to drink.

cyp and friends

kinda long... mixing it up with a little bmx and fixed.