marten on his d.a.m.p.

fuckin rad riding, rad spots, some of this shit is plain mind blowing, so many legit tricks... not to mention the bike, looks so fucking killer.

wheel talk

these dudes are obviously pushing it... big stairs, big gaps, dirt jumps. fuck yea. cant wait to see more from this crew. 

c'est la merckx part 2


roots: ride fast edition.

santa ana banks wtf

i saw this on thecomeup
lets hope this isnt a tear down... this spot is the shit.

ozotw TTrick frame

this thing looks solid... no name brands from over seas are pumping out new frames these days... more info as i get it.

ramon antonio random TTuesday

this is what its about... just cruising around town looking for spots...

feeloo summer vacaTTion

wouldnt that be nice... cruise europe with your bike...