thrasher on 26's... looks pretty solid. 


dont mess with texas

more summer fix

this onesfrom mike chacon... wish i made it out to this one.

torey's summer ediTT

torey is definitely one of my favorites to watch. lookin real comfortable on his bike these days. rad lines...1:20 is fucking awesome, always original, fucking killing it.

swoo summer edit

grinds and hop bars like crazy... swoo's got a bag of tricks these days... that ender is pretty rad haha.

summer fix

hopefully this is the first of many... it looks like this contest was pretty killer. some big names here.


kinda long... but theres lots of variety here... some solid lines... whats up with that jumbo fork tho haha.
seen at PINP

chuckies bff edit

antonyo iphone edit

so rad...