407 Fixed: Ronnie Govoruhk

i cant believe he landed that roof drop... front wheel first, damn dude.

sadio booster frameset

the sadio booster frameset looks pretty intetesting... notice that pushed back bb, giving you extra barspin clearance. i read somewhere that this thing will clear 175's. pretty clever concept. made from 4130, looks like it has some big tire clearances... im looking forward to hearing more about this one, as for now this is just in the proto phase. wonder what size 26 tires you could fit in this bad boy...

mike and jamil's quick teaser

fuck looks like some serious shit here... psyched for this one to drop

sean coats: busTTed bike check

here's seans busted gorirra... still going tho... sean ur nuts jumping sets that big on a cracked frame.