some real familiar spots in there.

gnarly fucking crash scene.

c'est la merckx

i guess i didnt catch it before... but that park is fucking killer.

iphone4 quick clip

pretty rad... im psyched to see more quick shit filmed on ipones...

off TTopic: the worlds largest skateboard


happy 8th birTThday daichi lee

here's daichi's 8th birthday edit. haha. anyways, lookin pretty good. i expect to see more of these grom kids coming up. this posse's ahead of the curve.

taylor dwighTT: scraps

these are taylor old flipcam "scraps"... keep watch for a follow up edit. its good to see some footage from this guy, its been way too long, although he says he's injured, so maybe he'll have time to throw more of his "scraps" together while he's out.


solid. seen at wrahw