grime yomang

"Yo Mangs!
My 15 minute ride review;
Rode this thing for about 15 minutes plus or minus at Peel tonight. First hopping on it you deffinately felt a different "not so track feel" which I know I personally, and many of you are ready for. It handled super well, the back end if a little more burly than the rest, and the higher bottom bracket is a pretty cool feel. I wasn't sure if riding would feel squated at all, but it really seemed tone comfortable as a bile to cruise from spot to spot. I mean this is just my first reaction, I wanna get one of these bad boys hahaha, real bad! I just felt like I was finally riding a SOLID fgfs bike, not saying it's the only one, but with what i've rode, this tops the list. I can't wait to see mike and ed, and more to come rip on these! Soooo sick!
-charles schoen trick track

falling down

fixed love

missed this flick of b-rad getting rad... check out, brads got some stickers coming soon....


favor bikes grunge.5 TTrick frame

the GRIME yomang

OOOOOHHHHHHH FFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCKK. theyre here. grime yo mang frames. this shits gunna be nuts, i have faith that mike knows a thing or two about 26 fixed. fuckin cant wait to see one of these built up. more info as it comes in.

"The YOMANG! is 26" specific and fits up to 2.5" tires. Specifically formulated by Mike Schmitt and Wonka. 2" downtube, 1.25" toptube, dutchmaster sized seatstays and philly blunt sized chainstays in the sexiest S bend ever, by some of Brooklyns best frame builders. CNC'd Hourglass integrated headtube and MID bottom bracket. Built by rippers for rippers in Bedford Stuyvesent NEW YORK. Limited GRIME GREEN colorway. Forks are 420mm and 410mm. 73 HTA 73 STA All frames ship with ANIMAL headsets BC ANIMAL is sick."

gorilla on 2.5's

sammy black's gorilla on dual 26x2.5's. unreal man. seen on tricktrack. ill hit him up for pictures of clearances.


big bmx

mellow edit, kinda basic, but i dig watching 26 bmx. and for those who want to talk shit on fixed... there's not too much in this flick that isnt being done on a fgfs bike... just sayin...

corey vulture

still doin it...