fuck yeah


TThrasher builds

rumor has it the pink and black one is congo's... haha.
thrashers are starting to show up, builds are getting posted, cant wait to see more. ill keep you posted.

tom mosher: ynot

quick clip from tom and ynot cycle... slomo filmed by swoo.
saw it on trick track... ynot makes straps... in case you havent heard. look pretty legit.

trick frame?

not quite sure what to think of this... this is supposed to be a trick frame? just beacause it barspins? maybe like 3 years ago...

rooTTs: team dilly

this shit is solid. kinda old, but team dilly puts it down.

the hisTTory channel

what happened to justin av? on vimeo it says this video is 2 years old. check the bike setups, the tricks, narrow handle bars, the butcher's early appearance. this shit was amazing when it first dropped. 

nikko jow x caleb bauer

nothin too crazy in here... just saw this digging around vimeo the other day.