ryd havoc frame in acTTion

here's another clip of the RYD havoc frame in action...

more slow mo

pretty cool, slow motion clip of a barhop

alfonso garcia

definitely a solid first edit... that 180 grass gap is killer, but i dont know what to think about the flip video shout out... not a fan of advertisements, but to each their own.

mini grom blade baker

your favorite mini fixed rider (lets get this kid on a dual 26 setup)... if he keeps riding theres no telling where he'll go(fixed gear shaun white, LOL), just kidding blade. as far as i know, this is the youngest hot doggy on the block. keep em comin man, push it.

waiTTin in lines

lockedcog videos are rad. i look forward to these. quick mini edit with fonseca... nice fall at the beginning haha.

vimeo digging

vimeo digging is always old news rehashed, but this one is pretty decent. i love the 180 slider fuck ups starting at 0:16. haha. aside from that, theres some solid tricks/solid lines in here.

yu's killroy

this is a fucking crazy setup... dual 26 on 2.3's so nuts.