way off topic... but shit, this is nuts. is it real?

pile of dirt

ride everything

RYD havoc frameset

blue collar fgfs. finally something that doesnt cost an arm and a leg, fits 26 with a decent tire, looks solid enough to take some abuse, even comes with a fork for around $300. cant wait to hear more about this. i've been following this on trick track and im psyched on the photos... PREORDER HERE

tune TTown

tunes x bikes

jake hecker

check it... boosting the pyramid

TThe heavy pedal nickname

didnt catch this one earlier... some solid shit in here tho. that stair ride line at 1:12 is fuckin cool/line at 2:29 - keeping it creative and original. correct me if im wrong, but i think this one slipped past without getting recognition... definitely solid, check it.


i dont typically post things like this... or talk down on shit, but seriously... WTF/WHY/FAIL


i like clever stuff like doubles and filming off another screen... keeps webflicks interesting... here's sfg messing around.

wierd bike man

superted riding the shoe tire bike...

remember the shoe bike? i dont remember ever seeing this video...