friday night...

...road sodas.


he was sent from the future to show us the way. dude is FUCKING KILLING IT, every trick/every line is fire. this is fucking murder.


seen at: tricktrack

also, click the pic and link to my myspace... all my friends are music, check it out.

free steve

mostly bmx with some fgfs in the mix... loving the shit quality.


i posted this earlier, but i didnt fully understand last time. this is indeed designed around 26" wheels, it is said to be light as fuck, will not fit a 700c rear, and should be as strong as you expect from nempro. i cant fucking wait for this to hit the streets. i had to repost this shit once it all clicked.

"Don't email me asking when these will be available , as they wont for any time soon these are PROTOTYPES and are currently being developed for future production models." -nempro
check it out here: nem-pro blog

lol: cross training

looooooong sliders


that first spot is so rad...

flatland x trials?

...or something. not quite sure what to think of this, but its definitely worth the watch/entertaining. dont know whether to laugh, cry, or cheer... the line at 1:45 is berzerk nuts, fuck it, the whole fucking thing is nuts. creative dude to say the least.

seen at 14bikeco

spring break yallz


is that that allcity 26er style from trick track?

one trick: gus

ive said it before and ill say it again... i love these one trick edits. this spot is the shit, i think of it as "the nipple"... id hit that shit up everyday if i had one of these near my house. gus is coming up these days.


missed this one


26" bmx is fucking killer. in this flick: rad bikes, rad spots, legit tricks, too much to name. check their vimeo for more.