this dude is fucking nuts. shooting off guns in mid air and shit. fgfs got bmx roots dont forget it.

nasTTy interview

here it is... the nasty interview. he's definitely one of the most influential riders from that side of the world. check it out if you speak japanese.

long over due...

i usually dont dig filters, but im into this red effect and theres definitely some solid lines in here. that spot at the 30 second mark is fucking rad.

fixed love

brad... ur fucking killing it these days.

prophecy: the 26" fixed apocalypse

i dont know if anyone remembers this bike, but it serves as a sign of things to come. its a 26" cruiser from skull skates, which came with a flip flop rear hub and toe clips. this predates todays fgfs bikes like jurassic park. this in fact predates my first fixed bike... i considered one of these originally instead of a proper "track" bike. the fixed version is from 07 as noted in the diagram above.

witness: trick track
as many saw on trick track and also here and here R3N3G4D built up this bad boy way back in 2008. fucking way ahead of its time as noted in the previous post. the apocalypse has been prophesied... 26 is the redeemer

meth deaTTh mondays

"keeping kids off drugs since last week" lol

hard TTail fixed

you may or may not have seen this... i missed it. looks like someones riding a 26er frame fixed... pretty big hop up to that rail. this dude is on top of his game.

cvf welcomes pedal consumption

i know its kind of old, but i definitely missed this. short and sweet. check it.

skate shiTT

here's some pretty solid skate shit filmed by erik v. i dont know about you, but the skateboard is what got me started.