bootleg sessions 1

you may or may not have caught this, but burd has uploaded the entire bootleg 1 video to youtube. i thought i would bring the whole flick to TTv by way of this playlist. if you havent seen bs1, it is a must watch. bootleg sessions is the original fixed gear freestyle video. looking back on these parts, its amazing how far we've come. this may have even been the second fixed gear offering EVER on dvd, only preceded by mash. take a good look... i watched this shit about 50 times when it first came out.

wrahw witchTTape

so rad. i love wrahw flicks. this shit definitely does not disappoint. i love how he's calling them witchtapes now haha. WRAHW is #1

nasty k@nt

nasty kills it. always stylish, always creative. no shortage of killer instinct here.

bike of the month

gnarcotix x nemesis project. 26" fixed, built around 26" wheels. this is probably one of the raddest setups i have ever seen. without a doubt; bike of the month for april... i know its like 2 weeks late, but i wanted to keep botm alive, and this has to be one of the best setups i have ever seen. 100% fucking killing it.

michael chacon

doin his thing with the twirls and shit.