vimeo digging

this is the friends section from no cassets... i never saw the flick, but this makes for a pretty cool web edit. some hills in there too, which is rarely seen on this blog. definitely worth a watch. check it.


rad, custom geekhouse, fgfs style, but i dont think its fixed. belt drive. awesome details everywhere on this build. check out all the info at open bicycle

slum worm

some pretty cool lines in here. he definitely keeps his speed up and keeps his lines moving. check the last line, pretty rad.

also, check out his blog at:

bootleg sessions 4

i can still remember when number 1 came out. this shit definitely blazed the trail for current fixed freestyle. the original bootleg sessions was the first video showcasing this style of riding, and im really looking forward to getting my hands on this to complete my collection. on the bummer side of things, this will be the last edition of the infamous bootleg sessions. looks like an epic line up this time around, pick up a copy HERE.