broke fork

seen at: lockedcog

sean coats!!!!

i love watching this dude ride. looks like they made it out to nyc and got a chance to shred the banks before they shut it down. so rad. sean is on the come up these days. seen at: prolly

death pedal 2 extras

death pedal 2 bonus footage. cool man. buy it now.


lots of people want to talk shit... but i think its rad. itd be cool if there were a frame built around the 26" wheel concept. here are todays 26" trailblazers. personally i feel like mike schmitt of rva fixed really set this shit on fire. not only does his bike look legit (top pic) (previous post) but his riding speaks for itself. you can definitely build a more solid wheel, fit bigger tires, and have better barspin clearance with a dual 26 setup. it has its downfalls, but i like where its going.


some riding from overseas again... this guys got a bag of tricks in the works. mostly skatepark footage, but definitely mellow with some good lines in there.


this one is pretty old. but its pretty big. noteworthy?
either way... check it.

josh boothby

josh blasting some big shit showing motherfuckers how its done. that 3 down the first set is fuckin big. pedal grinds are legit. these are short clips, but pack full of hits.


that shit looks like fun.