erik v

Some new stuff from Erik Vehmeyer. from Erik V on Vimeo.

i was talking with someone the other day who said that fixed gear progression has slowed down lately... thats a load of horse shit and here's some proof. (no disrespect)

this kids got a bag of tricks... check 0:27 and the ender.

premiere trick contest france

Trailer Premiere Contest from SoundTrack on Vimeo.

trick contests going down everywhere. looks like this one's in france. psyched to see cyclope making shit happen.

le blog de cyclope


without a doubTT. kris is fucking killing it. keeps the edits coming. stays on top of his shit.

his blog stays legit too:


Introducing Sean Coats from COG JERKERS on Vimeo.

this kid rips... and has a good attitude. psyched to see this kid coming up. keep the edits coming sean. seeing an edit at this point with him is just the tip of the iceberg... expect way more.