rooTTs: banned 4 life dvd

parts 1 and 2. watch it all. this is must see TTv. banned is fucking killing it harder than anyone.

dph cameras will steal your soul

saw this over at LOCKEDCOG. deserves a repost for sure. dph keeps the hits coming.


these are lookin solid...

unknown bike co

cruise over and check their blog. definitely some solid riding, frames, and parts coming from these guys... they've been hiding in the shadows for a while now.

bob8ya4 november edit

high speed flatground... i dont think ive ever seen these tricks done so quick.


i dont know what the title means... but theres some keo footage in there, someone we dont see very often these days. kinda long, kinda slow, not very much riding... watch at your own risk.

vegas baby

kris lc in vegas... not too much riding in this one, but a look at some interbike good times... vegas is the shit.

wrahw patches

torey has some patches right now... get em while theyre hot. as with all things wrahw, im sure supplies are limited so act fast if you want one.

off TTopic ...its winter

its been getting down to the 30's around here at night, so it seems pretty fucking official. get out and shred some of that snowboard shit.

christmas time

musgrave putting it down for christmas time... rad edit man, psyched on those tunes.
christmas time!

fuckin rock solid

dig the song in this one... some solid riding too.

rooTTs: fully cocked

here's clints latest flick. if ur in the market for a bmx flick, and you want to see some creative, original shit... snag a copy. available now, here

quick clip: kevin anderson

solid drop... looks like a nut shot to me lol. hell of a birthday present, happy birthday motherfucker.


heres the latest from funny... been a while since we've seen an edit from this guy, but he's holding shit down hard. his flatground game is next level, killing pegless grinds, and smoothe ramp work.

via prolly

erik v @ bolsa park

erik is always killing it... check that grind into the bank, thats some shit right there. this edits been up for a while but i missed it first time around.

unknown 14mm hub

unknown bike co will be offering a 14mm hub soon. no word on pricing or release date yet, but check back for updates. 

zlog mob winter training

here's the zlog team with some winter training mini shred. fuckin rad. tyler is fucking killing it right now, creative, technical, and stylish. i liked the clips of him on ruffs charmer... cool to see someone on a different bike.

thunderkill frame

get fuckin psyched on this.

"skate shiTT"

heres a new one from aloha fixed for a shop over there... clean filming, clean skate, worth a watch.

off TTopic/"skate shiTT"

too cool not to post. check it. slam vs the dickies 874 work pant. gotta put products to the harshest test possible. haha.

super long tire slider/smoothie... is smoothie really the best name for this... id feel dumb saying that out loud. seen at zlog

shiba friday

seen at prolly

tune TTown

 this is some fucking raw shit. i dont follow much rap these days, but fuck, this video is nuts. some skate shit in there too... kind of. you are out of your fucking head if you even want to try this at home.

the hisTTory channel

this shit is from summer of 08... way before big tires and trick forks... fucking nuts. wonka's been killing it since he first sat on one of these bikes. this edit still holds legit today even.

gettin' broke occurs

lol. this edit is fucking epic. i want to see more where this came from.

"skate shiTT"

here's a trailer for a north carolina based skate flick... super clean filming, some tricky editing, and i dig that shot where the whole mob is pushing down the street together.

26" bmx

fucking love the title of this one... and the video is action packed entertainment. lolxfuckyeah. solid fucking edit... but whats with the music. haha.

thanksgiving wishes

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sfg gwang

gwang fucking shit up proper as usual. sfg is really doing things these days... bringing us clean edits and a constant flow of footage. this shit is no exception. legit edit.

yesterdays news today

big ups to wonka getting in with nike... thats huge.

quick clip

wizard's quad

psyched to see long beach's own mr wizard going places... that's a fuckin one of a kind frame. more info at zlongblog BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

"skate shiTT"

skate and destroy... some clean filming and tech editing... i dont know what the fuck i did with this yesterday...


bone deth! fuck yeah. bone deth webflicks are the shit. and yeah, i know i fucked this up yesterday...

sadio 14mm fixed hub

sadio and grime are teaming up to bring us 14mm hubs and grime will be updating their frame to accomodate. so fucking rad. old news, but way too relevant to skip. im getting fucking psyched for the future. 

never low: geoff meoff no more teasing

i have a feeling these guys have some bmx "rooTTs". this is their second teaser and the tricks are legit. expect more to come from these guys.

big mouth strikes again

a new one from christian musgrave... out blasting some dirt jumps. fuck yeah.

"skate shiTT"

kind of long... so be ready to sit back with this one... much of whats said in here can be said  about fgfs...

erik v

erik v and some bmx friends. fuck yeah... obviously eriks got bmx rooTTs. those kids are got some serious shit locked down on their bmx bikes too.

"skate shiTT"

boothby X elevated engineering

hand plants, 3's out of grinds, 5's, and on the list goes. boothby is getting real fucking good these days. elevated engineering is pushing some legit riders. dont miss this one.

tony fast russian circles

bunny hops for breast cancer

some big shit went down. fucking fire.


rooTTs x "skate shiTT" x cult

this codey kid is fucking killing shit... here's another edit with both bmx and skate, get this kid a fixed whip and we'd have this whole blog in one flick haha. fucking rad. must see TTv.

jogja for merapi

some solid riding from who knows where... someplace foreign to me. this goes to show that solid tricks and fucking killing it is "international language" haha. check that slam at the end... definitely an ender.

fronTTwheelless wheelies

so classic.


i wonder why i havent seen this anywhere yet??? maybe i totally missed it, but its a mishka ad featuring prolly of course among the rest... did i totally miss this over at prolly's spot? its old footage, but still, its kinda cool. all stylized and shit.

nem pro build

saw this on trick track... super legit build... which reminds me, where are those steveland cleaners that were supposed to drop around halloween?

mixt meat

not only is this photo fucking killer... but it sounds like the mixt meat posse is stacking some footage for an edit. cant wait.

joe mckeag

i know i slept on this one... but its too fucking rad not to repost. this webflick is filmed and edited so proper. definitely fucking killing it.

ed and ed

so fucking rad. wonka and delarosa


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proud cat frame test

here's the first edit on a proud cat frame... dig that build, raw frame with chrome bars. check it.

more info @ proudcat

what is flat fix?

these guys keep em comin. definitely a clean edit. still not sure what flat fix is tho... haha.

antonyo treated

this is 1:48 of fuck yeah. antonyo is fucking killing it. keeping shit creative... keeping his tricks fresh... and keeping us entertained haha, check that ender. must see TTv.

wonka in seoul

you know wonka is always killing it. must see TTv.


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geometrick X fixé mag teaser

quick one... big tricks... busted parts. kill shit.


kareem's leader builds

these are kareems leader builds... the shadow is looking super rad... and the mordecai is said to be "watermelon four loko inspired" lol. legit builds... that shadow has massive tires. more details/pics over at loosenuts.


"skate shiTT"

some skate shit from "across the pond" or some shit like that. londoners fucking shit up.


im on a real banned kick lately. fuck it. this shit is so rad.


hahaha. i love this edit... theres some fucking funny shit in here. antics, mini fix bikes, spots, and that pivot in front of the cops... haha. fuckin rad for a first flick.

proud cat trick frame

as you can see these frames have hit the streets... they're out for testing. looks like theres a few solid builds. i know that pink tire build is "interesting" but it shows 2.35 tire clearance. if you're looking for a frame thats out of the ordinary this might be what ur lookin for. more HERE