scum of the century

matt with another one... on fucking fire right now. 

one day ediTT

short and sweet. black and white. gusse and felix. cool styles and cretive tricks. saturday morning and hangover. haha.

happy halloweekend motherfuckers



some bone deth for halloween week. this edit is so fucking rad, watch it twice.

two clips

here's something new from downie, a quick one of a couple solid lines. i dig that transition in the middle. cool flick, quick watch, check it.

da fixed

here's a flick from enzo santi, looks to be a first time edit... kids these days just seem to show up with a handful of solid tricks.

gabe & packy

if you read regularly you've seen a few from packy by now... he just keeps the edits coming, he's handling shit these days. if this keeps up we're gunna have a new household name in fgfs. keep this shit coming packy.

w-base: grand shrine of izumo

some new shit from w-base. skip to about 1:30 for riding, theres a couple tricks from nasty in there.

j wolf: quick clip

jonathan wolf's getting some tricks dialed. the young ones are coming up. coming in hot with 180 bars, fucking rad man. dig that ender too haha. nice flick j wolf.

sfg gwang / grind footage

sfg sent this video through. lots of filming from these guys lately... this ones from gwang, killing some grinds. 

"skate shiTT"

this is by far the heaviest skate slam ive seen in a long time. fucking nuts. 


ruff is keeping the edits coming... im fuckin psyched on it. the bike  is staying solid too. cant wait for these things to drop. cant wait to see more j.ruff footage.

farewell allcity

something new

something new from matt spencer. matt puts in work... constant flow of videos, good tunes, new tricks, new spots, killer website, he's definitely fucking killing it right now.


quick clip from soundtrack... looks like fun.

fixed projecTT 3

these guys are funny fuckers haha. yo-yo tricks and kung fu.
seen at zlong blog.


this was just uploaded, first one in quite a while from this posse out of liverpool.

weird pista

kinda long intro... skip it.

"skate shiTT"

first trick so sick. front blunt pretzel. antics at the huf warehouse.

witchtape 3

another witchtape from wrahw, just in time for halloween. i fuckin love these.

og one day ediTT

there's lots of solid tricks in here. jam packed 6 minutes. watch out for these two, they're definitely coming up and locking down some tricks. on a side note, both of these bikes are fuckin clean lookin machines. keep these coming.


felix dol for phoenix. solid, short, simple, dark. pretty cool.


the count! rad raw edit. haloween is coming... some misfits some count. give it a whirl.

"skate shiTT"

1:47 wtf, that shit blew my mind, and as far as spots go... holy shit here. i love spots about as much as fixed bikes and skateboards and this flick is full of em. i wouldnt suggest watching the photo montage at the end, real fucking boring.

ratskl: meel lao

i dig the music and filming on this one... has cool "vibe" to it. (i hate that word vibe... ill check the thesaurus and take that shit out asap) lol


i dont really get the name... was this filmed on a pinhole? doesnt look like it.... slow day for fgfs flicks today kids.


mellow edit from fixedcult... some cool shit in there. looks like dude's got some fun spots.

then i saw this when i was at his vimeo page:

tons of rad shit in here and its 3 years old. fuckin nuts. killing it on skateboards and bmx bikes. everything we love at TTvBLOG.


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yu: charmer proto test

this frame is gunna be the shit. get psyched.

"skate shiTT"

fuck yeah... been hearing some talk about this for a while... finally a trailer. the krooked video will be coming out in 3d. this shit is going to be insane.


skip to 1:43... i dont think i've seen that before, manual 360, wtf... fuckin nuts.

thrasher hop

lucas blasting from flat over a large thrasher... fuckin huge hop. 
the video is kinda dark, pixelated, and shakey... so here's a couple photos. 

j ruff for phoenix straps

fully legit wall ride... in an age where most people just kind of touch their tires on the wall. ruff is doing some serious shit these days.

fucking epic

holy shit this place looks rad.
seen at the mosh pit.

proud cat trick frame

whoa... kinda cool looking, definitely bmx inspired and a step out of from what we've seen from most fgfs frames. i dig this thing, old school flavor, one of a kind. more info once i get it.


tony hamlin filmed by his girlfriend... isnt that some cutesie shit. in other news... this edit is packed full of solid tricks and the ender is fucking rad. check it.


long beach groms fucking shit up. this isnt the first you seen of these guys... likely not to be the last. i just dont get the music?

zlog x la brakeless

this kinda caught me off guard... i knew this squad was good, but they're really putting in work here.


new frame?

off TTopic

motor bike by 14bike co/super ted. couldnt resist a repost on this one... way fuckin cool. looks like a motorized esb on mtx33 no less.


saw this one on plonka's blog, how fucking rad is that spot?

markn summer autumn edit

some wheelies... lots of night filming thats hard to follow, but there's some solid tricks in here.

26" bmx: plonka's europe scraps

i dont usually post back to back 26 bmx edits... but, plonka is another one of my favorites to watch so i had to repost... theres some serious shit in here, obviously dude is killing it right now. not to mention some of those parks in there are so fucking rad.

fall is here

new one from sean coats... nothing landed, but that shit would have been pretty rad.

tyler johnson for cultur

holy fucking shit.


about time... man gus disappeared for too long. saw this over at deathc00kies, definitely worth a repost. not to mention, theres a fuckload of sean burns, metal bikes, etc shit just got posted over there thats fucking epic. go check it out. (specifically, that sean burns bike check is one of the awesomest things i've seen in a long time)

brad for monster traps

ive been wondering when brad was going to come at us with a new edit... and sure enough, here it is. fucking killer man. barspins are dialed/looking good on that new bike.

another quick one from seoul fixed

real solid one liner.

big kid bmx

fuck yeah, here's the latest KNS.Lo flick. im psyched on these dudes.


ocTTober edit

saw this over on trick track. lots of solid lines, kids these days huh?

revoked: introducing congo



i love this kind of riding... super creative, mini shred, fun shit. this edit is rad. kinda long, but definitely worth the watch. get inspired, try new shit...

daily life of yas and bes

nice long slider in there

mikerowave dinher


aloha fixed: unreleased

big bars, big weed, and big moves... haha. aloha fixed doin their thing.

"skate shiTT"

big kid bmx

not too far off from our current fixed tricks.

skitch forest ride

this edit is so rad. you can expect super clean filming and editing from skitch, not to mention epic scenery from that there forest.

hello nasty

nasty kills shit. you wouldnt expect him to have so much trouble with those roll outs. i never really got those dialed either, but shit, nasty looks like he can do anything on a bike.

ratskl: monsTTer straps

quinTTon and brandon

quick flick of some groms tearing shit up. this is the second video i've posted from kyle... keep em coming

weekend update

go out of town for a couple days and everyone in the world posts up some new shit. ha. there were some fucking killer flicks over the weekend. 

"skate shiTT"

holy fuck, look at that park at 0:30. that shit is so fucking rad.


new trailer for revoked and sale price of $15 for those of you who havent picked up a copy yet.

rooTTs: double feature

the first one is some super creative shit, the second one is a one trick flick. check em out.

rooTTs: 12th & A

this is pretty cool... cherry park in long beach got a skater made kick start along these lines. this kind of shit needs to happen more.

atl bike baTTle


fuck yeah

fucking fuck. that fuckin wonka video fuckin reminds me of this fuckin shit.


that line at 0:24 is pretty killer... and its just one of many.

home shopping neTTwork: animal kotulak multi tool

you may or may not have seen this yet, but it seems pretty cool, noteworthy if nothing else.


holy shit this little kid fucking rips. 0:34 is nuts... i dont think ive seen that shit before.

skate shiTT

the title of this one hooked me straight off... and "toxic turdz" delivers. these dudes are fucking killing it; legit skate shit, some slams, some fucking around, rad spots... fucking rad skate flick. 
this is a first:

o.s.k. sessions

some rad skateparks and definitely some solid lines in this one.

more charmer testing

another "inside look" (lol) at how these products are rigorously tested.

death or glory roTTerdam

trick jam in rotterdam at that fucking killer skate park. theres a solid slam in there when they start going for the rail @2:02.

bb17 roof drop stress test

ruff is putting some serious testing on his charmer proto. pretty big drop there.

seoul fixed: quick clips

a couple new quick clips from sfg... and i threw in one old one from a few months ago... one trick/one line tricks are always rad to watch.

swoo: axle replacement how to

step by step axle replacement video. but worth the watch if you are intimidated about doing this yourself.

trick frame: "unknown bike company"

i was doing some photohunting and came across this... i dont know what unknown bike company is and i dont think ive ever seen this elsewhere. looks pretty solid. its got that high top tube style that some people still want to see on 26ers. i'll do my research and post an update as soon as i can find out more.
in the mean time, heres an unknown bmx built up... 

bike of the monTTh: j ruff's bb17 charmer

These charmers are looking fucking killer, huge tire clearances, massive barspin clearance (even with a 2.1), sloping top tube, seattube cutout, rad bike. hands down, TTvBLOG bike of the month.
J.Ruff's BB17 Charmer:
fork: cobra
cranks: profile 165
sprocket: tree
wheels: mtx33 700c
hubs: profile
bars: bb17

head over to zlog for details and some firsthand commentary.

philly mixtape 6

philly! a couple clips of lamarche in there even.

dennis autumn edit

super clean filming and editing. solid tricks. killer spots. smoothe style. this is a pretty killer edit.


ucla mini

packy and friends are back at it and getting better fast. best be ready for it cuz this mob has some serious potential. shake some shit up guys.

random ediTT: kyle ferguson

fuckin psyched on this one. obviously friends of packy golan, these dudes are putting in work. check the 0:30, that roll in is nuts.

aloha bmxed

some bmx shit from your friends at aloha fixed. nice. these guys do it all, skate, bmx, fixed, not to mention some real first time ever shit on fixed. aloha fixed is unstoppable.

"skate shiTT"

26ed thrasher

i keep coming across this thing... super clean 26 build. who doesnt love a murdered out bike?

rooTTs: one hour

filming on lunch break? haha, i dig this edit


here's a one trick flick from matthew spencer. blasting an air.

now i won

a new one from wolfdrawn featuring congo, edited by matt... cant go wrong with that combo.

slum worm: one hiTT wonder

fucking rad one liner... worth repeating even, fucking rad. these guys are dedicated and coming up quick.

sam & grip shop

an edit from overseas... definitely some killer lines in here.

mikey mile

that park has so much shit that looks fun for big bikes... london keeps putting down solid edits.


mikes getting real good these days.

rooTTs: double dose

Subrosa's Get Used To It (Trailer 1) from Subrosa Brand on Vimeo.

new full length coming from subrosa... that ender was fuckin rad.


these little cameras are fuckin rad. check it. its called the gopro hd. get one.

off TTopic: zcdc cruisers

i dont usually post shit like this, but its friday, im at work, and i dont want to be here... probably the same for some of you. i love cruisers, i love venice beach, seems reasonable. plus, he does a wheelie in there... so he's kinda trickin it. lol.

smashed up sundays

trick meet... looks like a good time. nice fuckin head slam in there, fuck man.

flat fix

new joint from flat fix... not too many tricks landed in this one, but the playground freestyle is pretty killer haha.

charmer build

love watching a bike build. just built up my new rig last night. pics coming soon.

manny october edit

nice intro slam haha.

off TTopic

off topic but noteworthy. this shit should be pretty cool.

nakanosima park

that kid "funny" rips.


a new one from your friends at elevated engineering. this is mostly antics and shit, but theres some footage of miles, some bmx, and a little bit of skate. somewhat off topic... 

FYI: tom lamarche on the come up

in case you didnt notice... toms new wrahw flick was posted at the come up. naturally there are still some hard headed douche bags talking shit, head over and check out the comments.

"skate shiTT"

kind of dated, but still legit. the whole video is up on vimeo if you cruise over to "casual business" on vimeo.

fall edit

go chill at the park and practice some tricks... nothing insane here, just hanging out practicing. looks like some keo inspired stuff in the works.

tom mosher

i cant believe i didnt post this one... totally blowing it today....  check his new blog too.

dj mull for copy

mellow edit from dj... he hates scraping his hands lol, check it...

dinh for ryd

"skate shiTT"/rooTTs

this is a two'fer. dude fucking kills it on a bmx, and has some seriously legit skate skills to go with it... all that in a cult bmx flick. so fucking awesome. i think this is the first skate or bmx video to get the fucking killing it seal of approval.


nice filming and that spot looks fun man.

elephant & castle

when i grabbed that last mixt meat edit... i noticed this one that i hadnt seen. some shit from super ted and other favorite londoners in here... rad vibe too, riding with a big mob and shit. 

mixtmeat: jordan edit

that off road forest shit is rad... wish there was a spot around here like that.

bb17 charmer pics

this thing looks fuckin killer. check out that barspin clearance. so rad. sloped top tube, these things are fire.

j0s3Ph M1n1 edit

kids are coming out of nowhere with some solid shit. fucking psyched to see this shit developing. saw this over at lockedcog.

tom lamarche for wrahw

saw this over at the bb17 blog... below is their specs. this fork looks solid, has big tire clearance, and still a reasonable a to c.

材質 material:4130 cromoly Heat treated
高度 height:16.5″ (418mm)
上管 steer tube length:190mm
重量 weight:1.05kg
顏色 color:Black,White

*Clearance for 54c++ tires*
*Fork with Integrated top cap*


dual 26 mordecai

ive been waiting to see one of these built up on 26's. looks pretty good if you ask me. 
spotted over at tricktrack. fuckin psyched, i want one.

felix dol

here's some footage from geometrick. saw this over on the phoenix blog...

"skate shiTT"

haha. slowmo from carhartt. cool shit.

cara notestine: memphis edit

some chick fix shit to get your monday rolling... watch out juliet 

keo for dvs

according to vimeo, this has been up for 25 days... i try to stay on top of this shit, so i dont know how i missed it. anywys, caught it over at zlogblog. some riding from the elusive keo, one of our fgfs forefathers. im feeling those footplants. he probably has the smoothest most natural flatground style thats ever been seen.

"skate shiTT": dqm

rad flick.

sunday session

some skatepark, some bmx, some cruising through town, some eek a mouse. psyched on that cockpit cam.

trout fishing and fixed tricks

interesting... im not quite sure what i think of this one, but they're definitely doing their own thing.

forgoTTen clip: matt spencer

short/rad clip. dont miss this one.


wow. this shit blew me away. everyones riding is on the next level, this edit is fucking amazing.


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off TTopic

cockpit view of a fixed ride at a bmx track. kinda cool.


saw this over at trick track... rad picture

fixed gear trick

i wish they had cut out a bunch of these tricks that they didnt ride away from... but the dude on the mini fixed has some skills.

tyler johnson talks about his leader shadow

tyler's got some serious hops. i love watching him ride. someone get this guy a full video part already.