"skate shiTT"

worth the watch if ur ready to sit down and watch some skateboarding... a little long for a web edit, but it has some moments. there's definitely some unreal spots in here that would be fucking killer on the old fixed bike.

ratskl: adam sabil taufik

saw this jam over at prolly's blog... its got almost all the things we love at TTv; predominantly fgfs, some 26/mtbmx, and some skate shit. the filming is nice, and the editing is cool, but it kinda drags out. still a cool flick tho.


the intro, that slider shit at 1:03, the fakie barhop down the stairs, the last three tricks... so many highlites in this flick.


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looks like i stumbled upon some bootleg footage of wonka. (like bootleg literally, not bootleg sessions). that ledge is pretty nuts. he's definitely still on top of his game, cant wait for that grime edit.

update: duh this is everywhere now... so i guess wonka is just over in seoul and this is a clip from it... lol, it looks like a bystander with a camera phone snagged this clip tho...

miles maTThia for elevated engineering

broke arm cant stop miles... dude stays killing it. the frame is looking good all painted and shit, cant wait for the full edit.


looks good, keep it mellow, cruise around. saw this over at prolly's joint.

"skate shiTT"

im feeling that moped intro. it seems like euro spots/video scenery make a hell of a backdrop. this kid rips, give it a whirl.

...and while we're on the skate topic, harold hunter day is right around the corner.

daichi lee: welcome to halflink ediTT

kids are coming up these days... this shouldnt be the first and wont be the last time you hear of daichi lee... but what is halflink... fill me in

hot september days

here's another one from packy golan, formerly known as mr shitpants or something like that... solid riding, rad song, and some jokester shit in there for a laugh.

rally 2010 summer ediTT

some real nice filming and editing in here.


hapyness is spelled wrong lol...

...but that first little clip is pretty nuts.


krislc tearing shit up...


fuck yeah. muffinman's killing shit these days. this is the latest from the dahstreets guys and its fire.


gt bikes staying in the game with some new shit...


some shit from kant that i missed... been around for a few days so maybe you've seen it, but its got skate and fixed shit. pretty killer, short, and definitely worth the watch.

indusTTrial fixed

i keep saying it, they're coming out of the wood works... new names keep popping up. this dudes got potential killer written all over him. keep em coming guys.

mike schmiTT for wrahw

no sense in calling out any highlites here... this shit is fucking real as it gets. sorry i slept on it, but seriously mike is fucking killing it. fixed gear next level, its so fucking real these days. thank you mike, five very enthusiastic fucking killing it motherfucking stars.

iphone 360

quick clip of matthew spencer floating a solid 3 out of a bowl. fuckin killer... film horizontal next time tho!!!

tony fasTT

we havent seen much from tony and his esb for a while now... good to see that he's still on it. especially being that he is one of the original fixed freestyle riders to push it. also, a little glimps of lamarche in there, the grandaddy of it all.

rooTTs: trip interbike promo

theres a shitload of hammers in this one here...

chacons vegas ediTT

big names, big tricks, fixed bikes making a real big showing at interbike this year.

stolen bike update

first pic is the dumb fuck who stole my bike... second pic is street justice served bike in my trunk. fuck yeah bitch. what kind of dumb fuck steals a bike and takes it for a ride in the same neighborhood the next day. fuck this guy... notice to Venice beach readers... watch your bike if you see this fuckhead.
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specialized x slumworm

this is a rad edit. nice filming, creative intro and setup shots, not to mention this kid rips.


psyched on that ender... maybe im easily impressed.


specialized 14mm 9t fixed hub

saw this over at slumworm and i had to repost. this is history, like one small cog for bikes, one giant axel for mankind. joking aside, i cant wait for these to drop... head over to the slumworm blog for the details and more photos.

new shit from specialized

i saw this over at prolly's blog. so fuckin rad. 14mm 9t driver from specialized... also, he's got the inside scoop on the slum worm dual 26 fixed setup (also from specialized). more pics, more details, these bikes look killer. head over and check it out. so fuckin rad. also, rumor has it a new wheel talk flick coming this afternoon. CLICK HERE NOW!

torey thornTTon for grime

so rad. torey is fucking awesome and always creative. love this flick and the new bike looks killer.

maTT montoya on macaframa

epic video. shot so clean. everything you'd expect from a macaframa production... and then some. the tricks are so legit. i'd been feeling like these guys fell of as far as trick stuff goes, but this really brings them back into the spotlight.


photohunTT: afg

some big shit from some people who are flying under the radar. now where's the video? pretty fuckin rad tho.

zlog: a day at the park

jamil, chacon, wizard, and congo... some big names and some big tricks in there. i gotta say tho, congo is fucking killing it these days. he is on a whole new level right now. seen at zlongblog.

aj austin: fall mini ediTT

i always expect to see something good from aj, and every time its better than expected. this edit is not only killing it in the riding department, but also rad on entertainment.

photohunTT: bike shelf

cool idea. email chris brigham to get your hands on one. more info at knife and saw

rooTTs: ride fast

hill bombs and wallrides. this dude rides fast... some of those hill bombs are fucking insane.

"skate shiTT"

for whatever dumbshit reason, i've resisted posting this... ive probably watched it like 4 times now. i fuckin love it, its beyond me how i've convinced myself not to post this. neil diamond soundtrack, nyc, skateboarding, super legit filming, rad sneakers, wtf, rad flick check it.


all i've seen so far is the intro, but holy shit. i cant imagine going over the bars in an intersection, on a red light to top it off.


here's a new one from krislc. psyched to see a flick from him. dude has rad style. i was wondering when we'd see an edit on that new frame. cab3 slider in there is a fuckin highlight in my book, so clean.

big kid bmx

some legit shit in here... that michel plonka kid rips.

TTomas bruiser edit

here's a follow up from tomas... kinda long, but he's definitely getting better. he's got those barhops dialed and some grinds in there.



im feeling those stalls at the beginning... some cool shit in here. fixed cult keeping it real.


ucla ediTT from mr shitlobby

fuckin dig it guys... some mellow tricks, great music choice, and that ender... so rad. we gotta see more of that kid shredding.


twice the fuck yeah from this one... not only is this a rad edit, but it looks like vision streetwear is pushing their way back into bmx. fuckin rad.

mini ediTT

that first clip is some holy shit man.

saTTurday vs liberal

trick meet up or trick contest? not quite sure. kinda long and slow.


long wheelies, street cruising, backwards ride commuting... mellow flick of some city cruise freestylin.

best of both worlds

pfg coming through with some skatepark and dirt shit... i love the dirt fixed. nice slam at the intro.

sean coaTTs: ryd havoc promo

coats killing shit. frame looks pretty solid. sean is on a whole new level here... i havent seen much from him in a while and now this drops and he's on fucking fire. im psyched to see sean coming up, he's a cool kid.

weird pisTTa

get weird if you want to... kinda long, kinda slow, weird no less.

congo for wolf drawn

matt and congo so you know its fire... 0:54 is the coolest shit ive seen in a long time

deep rooTTs

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"skate shiTT"

local heros killing shit. check em out over at trongyourmind


jakob santos: burro ad


congo for wolf drawn

nice short one from wolfdrawn. i love these short clips and this one is fucking fire.

2020: sparks fly

i fuckin love fire works. nice one guys.

newport fixed

diggin the dirt jumps... lets try to keep the camera steady on the next edit! haha. keep filming guys.

deaTTh or glory

trick comp in rotterdam... this shit is going to be fucking rad. the skatepark looks awesome. cant wait.

gagefoo end of summer

solid edit. looks like he's getting some serious tricks dialed these days. gage is progressing quick, this edit tells the tale.

friday morning funnies


rooTTs: dah streets

im a big fan of dahstreets.blogspot.com, ive been following this blog for a while now... this flick is some riding in ny, these dudes definitely keep it real. muffinman is killing it these days.

photohunTT: rooTTs edition

rad pic.

BB17 TTrick frame

breakbrake17 has a trick frame in the works... this thing should be rad. 59mm tire clearance, mid bb, cutout seattube for a slammed rear wheel. im psyched on this one. cant wait to see the whole thing.

kevin anderson d.a.m.p. contest edit

saw this over at zlog blog. its a damp butterbeam edit, some cool shit in there, dig that little mtb trail.

in N ouTT

nice angle, nice filming, smoothe style. love these quick clips.

rooTTs: banned!

its a great day when a new banned flick comes through. almost as exciting as something new from grime or steve jensen in my book. this shit is so fucking rad. full of insane riding, puking, partying, drugs... its a real fuckin show. remember kids, "dont try this at home", but definitely watch it now if you've never checked a banned flick.

deaTTh or glory

trick comp in rotterdam... this shit is going to be fucking rad. the skatepark looks awesome. cant wait.

skate shiTT


thunderkill obviously had a trick up their sleeve... this thing looks fuckin solid. not quite sure how i feel about that rear end, but its growing on me. fuckin huge tire clearance, rad geometry, long top tube, steep hta. this thing is a beast. cant wait to see more on this.

banot one

a new trick frame from a NJS framebuilder... should be some top shelf shit.

fish & chips on TTour

some antics and some riding...

future tense

missed this one. looks like they had some cool shit going on. dont usually cover shit like this, but fakie races, and wheelie slalom are pretty cool. kinda slow watchin tho.

zlog bff trick comp

0:40 holy shit.

erik v

killing it as usual. some clips with the little bike ta boot.

"skate shiTT": hopps commercial

rooTTs: deep roots

super oldschool, so rad. 

volume bikes TThailand

i dont know how i missed this one... but here it is. 


mini edit from suicycle. some park riding. looks like some fun parks.

aloha fixed: secreTT

killer edit. quick cuts, good filming, too many tricks to call out... but 2:04 is fire. this one is killer. i dont know if i missed it, or if they've kept this under wraps, but this flick kinda old, but fucking rad nonetheless. they definitely got their own thing going on over there.

rooTTs: fancy filming

some killer 60fps slowmo bmx.


comedy cenTTral

some funnies for friday.

back to school

solid. this should be hyped way more than it is. nice fucking edit man, there are some serious tricks in there.


new face, fresh spots, solid tricks, this is a pretty legit edit here.

rooTTs: "crash and burn"


"skate shiTT"

for real this time... that last one was fucking me up. haha. check out this one liner, solid as fuck.

"skate shiTT"

im not quite sure what i think of this. i was never a rodney mullen fan, and this is just a different take on that style of skateboarding. shits pretty goofy if you ask me. i dont get why he squats his landings after he twirls and shit, like what, did we miss the part where you were in the air and landed? wtf. really, i dunno, watch it.

how to: burro strap reinforcement with antonyo

a little how to... it seems like this would work with some other straps out there too. check it. the riding at the end is pretty killer.

thrill of iTT

that tire slide at 0:43 is pretty killer. it seems like theres a wave of new names these days. Jacob looks natural on his bike. keep it up man.

fixed projecTT 2

not bad.

seen at PINP

"skate shiTT"

ty evans X spike jonze X lakai. this is what skateboarding in the movies should look like... so fucking rad.

seen at zlog


i was digging around vimeo this morning and found this flick. some decent tricks in there.


here's a few clips from rotterdam. short and sweet. these pics have been floating around since last week, so its cool to see the footage.

fgl: oscar khan

oscar goes for it... he's been around for a quite a while now, but his edits are few and far between. i wanna see more from this guy.

boothby for revoked

oh shit... wait for it, this edit should be fucking killer

summertime in the lbc

that hop over the rail at the end is fucking awesome.

slum worm proto

saw this over at PINP. looks fucking killer. cant wait to see some details on this thing.

26" bmx: gal laszlo

everytime i see a 26bmx edit i want one of these bikes... looks like fun.

arjay garcia

more from long beach... where's the rest of the world these days. tons of kids coming out of nowhere from long beach with a bag full of tricks, arjay is no exception. keep em comin man.


if nothing else... that rock ride intro is epic.

empire la

empire is coming to LA for bff. might wanna get in a check this out.



finally a real legit edit from keo. its been too long. this guy always has and always will have his own style. he's got a way with connecting tricks and coming up with lines that is unlike anyone else. hopefully we start to see more of him again.

joey and joe exTTras

1:56 is fire. these guys are doing big things. lots of solid tricks in there. long beach is definitely the spot these days.


full suspension fixed bike fun... i think this is a first, ive never seen anything like it before... LOL. too rad not to post.

skate shiTT

i know this is the second one today... and i know this is up everywhere, but, this kid fucking rips.

rooTTs: holy shit

this is insane, that is a serious fucking slam.

skate shiTT: sf dirtbag crew

sf skateboarding is always creative and always rad to watch.

all city championships street shiTT

antonyo is fucking killing it these days... that bank to wall spot at the 0:30 mark is so rad. got some torey footage in here too, doing his thing on that new 700c grime frame. always dig watching that guy ride.


alfonso obviously has 180's on lock down just about anything...


that foot plant at 1:30 is pretty rad. check it.