long beach: fucking killing iTT

congo has been killing it for as long as i can remember... but brad is definitely coming in fucking hot. both of these guys are fucking killing it right now.

young guns

all city championships

next level shit is here. holy fuck.

the hisTTory channel

i can still remember how mind blowing this shit was when i first saw it. respect. tom lamarche is still fucking killing it.


the ender is fucking nuts... this kid is a fucking animal, psyched on the "antics" and the gg allin soundtrack. 


the first line in this one is pretty killer...

the hisTTory channel

your main man tom mosher doin his thing way back... this one kinda makes me laugh, we've come a long way since these days. lol at the bent to shit fork at the 0:56 mark. any way you look at it, this shit defintinely paved the way for where we are now.


roots: steven jensen bmx

i did a little vimeo digging and found this flick. its the latest bmx edit from the chainless steven jensen and his posse. fuckin solid, this guy was born with a bike under him.

all city trick comp

looks like some big shit went down... rumor has it that matt spencer took a serious slam. fuckin bummer man, wouldve been psyched to see some footage of him killing this shit.

steven marco: 1st edit

this dudes got big hops locked down. 

steven jensen: skatepark day

this dude is always fucking killing it. heres that infamous tailwhip clip. it looks like steves getting his buddies in the mix too these days. fucking awesome, this guy is blazing trails... every time a new edit comes out its on the next level. fucking killing it for sure.

rooTTs: burns breakfast


keep it loose and dont forget to "have fun". that shit is so fucking cliche, but these dudes are obviously keeping it mellow, check it.

first person perspective

kinda cool...  worth a look if you're stuck at a desk all day wishing you were on your bike.

cory vulture

cory's "keeping the track in trick track" haha. saw this shit on tricktrack and had to repost. this guys been down since day one it seems like. since long before the doom movie anyways. keep em comin man.


gagefoo gettin down... i really dig this kids sliders, they come around smoothe and lazy, in a world of sloppy forced sliders and indian givers... gage foo's got em on lock. theres more to it than that, check the flick its worth a watch.

"skate shiTT"

i usually like my skate shit a little more raw than this... but this shit is pretty cool.


jacob dommer butterbeam contest

here's another butterbeam contest submission... i still think that alex kid fucking killed it way harder than anyone. just sayin.

houghton skatepark

some good shit from marwin and friends... looks like wizards growing his bag of tricks.

nick johnson

this is a super solid edit. fast riding, big hops, big gaps, some killer shit in here. cant wait to see more from this guy. i think this is the first flick ive seen from him and its fire.

holy shiTT: tailwhip

i cant believe i missed this shit. fucking amazing.

d.a.m.p. conTTest

most of you have probably seen the top5 by now... (IF NOT CLICK HERE)
but shit... i think this kid alex should have took the motherfucker... for real. this shit is fucking solid.


hiTTing the road

ill be back in a week...

hello i'm ke-ta

nice quick edit...check it.

"skate shiTT"

rooTTs: sean burns at the xgames

sean burns is fucking nuts.

rory mcdermoTT

rory's a new name to the scene as far as i know... never heard of him, but he's got skills. its awesome when new people come out of the woodwork with a solid edit and smoothe style. check it.

cogwei's stylin frame

is this another new color stylin frame? its pretty killer in matte purple. i love the geo on this frame. saw this over at brakebrake17's blog. head over for a full build spec.

mystery x bean li

this ones kinda old... he really flies around tho. haha, dudes got some wild style



here's someone hitting some dirt jumps fixed... and taking a solid face plant. check it.


sup mang

in case you were wondering... i was... this thing up to a 2.25 rear on a 700... thats fucking massive. according to that info, torey could easily hook up a rear tire the same size as that front. also, negative bb drop, and he is currently running 175s. this thing is fucking awesome.


this is massive

wheel talk 3!!!!

this shit is the real deal. one of the most entertaining and solid edits i've seen in a while. these guys are getting way better... epic spots, killer lines, dirt jumps... fucking killing it.


wouldnt expect something like this from dvs. haha.

"skate shiTT"

richie jackson with some seriously creative skate shit... fucking killing it.

rooTTs: eat shit

i dont know if everyone's seen this or not... but this is a pretty solid slam here.


the new shit from w-base looks legit, check it:
new color stylin frame
new proto do-a-trick fork (going lighter)
...and last but not least, bmx cranks. 
this shit is looking killer. their bars look good too.
check em out: w-base

dungoh han summer edit

some cool shit in here... lots of high speed flatground. (doin that shit proper)

rva for bootleg4

according to torey this was supposed to be their trailer for bootleg... didnt end up getting used, but its a pretty good edit.
via: wrahw

mountain dew and fuel tv

i dont really care whats good about this... mountain dew and fuel tv are fucking stupid. if youre amped on this... good for you... either way thats my opinion. fuck the man, fuck walmart, fuck starbucks, fuck mountain dew, and fuck fuel tv. (while im on this rant) tv is going to die off eventually anyways, making way for the internet, so fuck tv and all the bullshit that goes on behind the scenes there. im all for supporting fixed gear, but this goes way outside the hands of "cool" people pushing the sport and into the world run by suited yuppies, statistical reports, contracts, exploitation, mcdonalds, and walmart... fuck the man.

(this is absolutely in no way aimed at the guys on bikes in this video, their trick meet, or their decision to cooperate with this video.) (just a rant)

swoo nose pivot tutorial

swoo just keeps em comin...


check out the 0:53 mark... fuckin crazy hand plants

double rainbow special

here's a new one from swoo... lots of slow motion. pretty cool edit, nothing mind blowing, its definitely a cool flick.

jamil gray

louie louie

this ones got some nice editing, some skate shit, park cruizin. 0:47 is fuckin steezo mang.

joe mckeag and joey inferno

this is the first edit ive seen from the new skatepark over there near venice.... that place looks like fun and these two are comin out of nowhere with some seriously solid tricks.
seen at PINP

14mm slotted

fuck yeah. this is innovation at its finest... been hearing about this for a while, its fucking awesome to finally see it.

"skate shiTT"

check out that park setup... so fucking killer. doesnt SE bikes have something going with DC??? How bout west coast mayhem at this spot... wouldnt that be some shit. anyways... check it. killer park.

rooTTs: adam grandmaison

this has been around for a few days now... if you havent seen it, here you go. its your good friend and "fixie" hater adam grandmaison from the come up. personally i think this guy is kind of a douche, but to each his own. hate the blogger not the blog. LOL. whatever the case, this is the worlds loudest fixed freestyle hater on his "little kids bike". haha.

grime sup mang 700

here it is... torey snagged the first of the grime 700c sup mang frames. the geo looks pretty fuckin killer. it features negative bb drop, that alone is fucking nuts. not too much in the way of details, i cant wait to see rear tire clearance, barspin clearance, etc... either way, this thing looks fucking amazing, digging that paint job.
more here: wrahw

jakob santos

fucking killing it for real.

vimeohunt: TTomoson

went hunting around vimeo for some flicks, found this one.... good times, just get out and film shit, it doesnt have to be a 20 stair or some super gnarly shit, sometimes just fucking around with friends is a good time.


the ender is nuts

maTT's mordecai

this is matt's leader mordecai build... these things are looking so fucking rad, and matt's is nothing short of proper. rumor has it (on tricktrack) that these can fit dual 26x2.3's... i might be checkin one of these out in the near future. this build here is wheelin on 50c tires, fucking killer man. full specs and more pics at wolfdrawn

caleb bauer bmx

this one was sent in by a reader. some bay area bmx... getting in touch with their roots. i dont know if these are the same guys that ride fixed, but there some standout tricks in here... check the fence ride. fuck you lucy.

rooTTs: bone death

killer gaps, creative lines, bone death fucking kills it. check this out.

isyar proto frame

here's some video details, close ups, and a build of one of those isyar trick frames. pretty good looking built up, big tire clearance, massive "gusset", and nice barspin clearance... as usual, i wonder what size 26" tires will fit in this bad boy. im in the market for something i can run both 700 and 26 with.

dice fixed gear shop

this ones pretty cool, and themed. some decent tricks, nothing mind blowing, still worth a watch.

us vs them

decent filming, cool editing, lots of stairs.

banot x stratos frameset

im not a huge fan of that clusterfuck up front or the curved seattube deal in general... but this frame looks pretty solid and its got some decent sized 26" tires on it. 
more here: banot1.com

will and shea DPH

mellow edit from the guys over at DPH.

another one from j-wolf

non stop ediTTs


check out the 0:50 mark... fuckin killer.


broken wrisTT

the crash at the end is pretty epic. check it.

cultur road TTrip

more flicks from the road... its been a while, i was figuring more would surface eventually...

"skate shiTT"

smoothest fucking style...

nasTTy: one trick

fuckin killer

bike of the monTTh: july

super ted custom 26" esb
this is a one off... no production mode, but so fucking rad. 
steeper head tube, tighter rear triangle, higher bb.
26x2.3's. so fucking rad. got me jealous as fuck. 
this is by all means, bike of the monTTh.

gnarcotix summer twentyten

been a while since we've seen one from these guys... definitely not a let down, but wheres that steveland cleaner. i wanna see that thing blast around.



lbc doin things, gnar-b-q style... kinda long, but there some solid shit early on.

wiz & joe

that dude joe has skatepark lines on lock...