rooTTs: long beach

pretty rad. dtlb is the spot.


anything from the banned guys is rad.

anTThony and chad

check em out... never seen these guys before, but they're comin in pretty solid.

philly mixTTape 5

keep em comin

krislc daily mobile flicks

this should be cool... kris is going to be posting weekly quick clips on his blog, i dig the quick clips, single trick/one liner clips. hopefully he keeps this up, its been a while since we've seen an edit from him.

slum worm summer fix ediTT

"skate shiTT"

steven jensen LA

 here's a quick flick from stevens visit to LA. so fucking rad. some downtown long beach in there too.

michael chacon

here's mikes summer edit. some big stuff in there... he still twirls alot...

bumsteads bikes: wings&TThings trick comp

office music

solid edit... area cycles got some dudes killing it these days.

rooTTs: tree bikes

from the team who brought you the splined sprocket... tree bikes bringin some fucking awesome shit. this is the kind of shit i love to see... tons of creative riding, the woods, this dude will ride anything. i dont usually add bmx to my vimeo channel, but this ones too good. check it, so fucking awesome.

jonathan wolf

grom dude doin his thing... keeping the edits coming.


some solid quick moving lines from seoul. these quick edits are so killer. no bullshit in em.

Grime Ad

summer in milwaukee


geTT money

rad edit. long beach doin it... two in a row from LBC.

fixed love geTTing rad

kinda long but definitely worth the watch... so much rad shit in here. looks like brads rolling on one of thes 20" bikes now. heres the bikecheck... fuck yeah... fucking killing it

flat fix

mellow flick... not too much riding in this one, but its shot nice

miles maTThia nyc trip

0:14 and 1:23 so rad

"skate shit"

ha. that shit is weird.skate billiards?


saw this over at 14bikeco... definitely deserved a re-post

erik v

according to erik... nothing fancy, but this shit is pretty fuckin solid in my book. this dude is natural on a fixed. cant wait to see where he goes with these bikes. solid style, solid tricks, some rails in there too.

big bmx: kns.lo

this is some killer 26" bmx. kns.lo is one of my favorite posse's to follow... good edits keep popping up from them. check it. 0:48 is rad.

jordan burTT

here's some mellow riding from jburt... nothin too crazy. i dig this dudes style. someone tell him to stay off his bmx.

jwolf grom shred

i dig seeing videos from the younger guys... soon they'll be taking over. this kids got a bag of tricks, kind of a mellow edit, but if this kid stays on it, he'll be killing it before he's old enough to drink.

cyp and friends

kinda long... mixing it up with a little bmx and fixed.

marten on his d.a.m.p.

fuckin rad riding, rad spots, some of this shit is plain mind blowing, so many legit tricks... not to mention the bike, looks so fucking killer.

wheel talk

these dudes are obviously pushing it... big stairs, big gaps, dirt jumps. fuck yea. cant wait to see more from this crew. 

c'est la merckx part 2


roots: ride fast edition.

santa ana banks wtf

i saw this on thecomeup
lets hope this isnt a tear down... this spot is the shit.

ozotw TTrick frame

this thing looks solid... no name brands from over seas are pumping out new frames these days... more info as i get it.

ramon antonio random TTuesday

this is what its about... just cruising around town looking for spots...

feeloo summer vacaTTion

wouldnt that be nice... cruise europe with your bike...


...if nothing else, look at this spot, fucking amazing. angle iron on everything. low handrail, ramps in the background, fucking nuts.

summer fix

another one


doin their thing... who knew. definitely solid, and comin out of nowhere. lets see some more recent stuff.


solid shit in here... ender is nuts, check the height on that. rad edit overall.


seen at dahstreets


thrasher on 26's... looks pretty solid. 


dont mess with texas

more summer fix

this onesfrom mike chacon... wish i made it out to this one.

torey's summer ediTT

torey is definitely one of my favorites to watch. lookin real comfortable on his bike these days. rad lines...1:20 is fucking awesome, always original, fucking killing it.

swoo summer edit

grinds and hop bars like crazy... swoo's got a bag of tricks these days... that ender is pretty rad haha.

summer fix

hopefully this is the first of many... it looks like this contest was pretty killer. some big names here.


kinda long... but theres lots of variety here... some solid lines... whats up with that jumbo fork tho haha.
seen at PINP

chuckies bff edit

antonyo iphone edit

so rad...

favor bikes

theres that frame again... i wonder what pricing, barspin, tire clearance, i wonder what the details look like on these.

second angle

this shit is so fucking nuts... soooo fucking nuts

"mini" u-lock


revoked new york

loads of awesome shit in here... and santos keeping it nsfw haha.

traitor ring leader

i dont have much to say about this... but here it is.


what in fucks name do the cunts over at mtv have to do with fixed gear bikes... besides them being in that fucking gay music video earlier this year (no offense to matt and congo's cameo appearances). fuck mtv.

swoo tuTTorial

pretty cool... keep em comin man

xlife X rh+o

kung fu quickness... this guy has combos from here to china... 

holy shit

seen at zlog


some australian shreddage... looks pretty legit. lets see some edits guys.

mixtmeat mixTTape

the line through the bowl at 2:55 is rad. check it... looks like theres lots to ride over there.

zlog mob

putting it down as usual.  makeshift everything.


theres some crazy combos in here... to say the least... and executed with kung fu quickness. so rad.

maTT and corey

this shit is solid.... slider off the ledge at the end is nuts. matt is definitely coming up. watch out.

407 Fixed: Ronnie Govoruhk

i cant believe he landed that roof drop... front wheel first, damn dude.

sadio booster frameset

the sadio booster frameset looks pretty intetesting... notice that pushed back bb, giving you extra barspin clearance. i read somewhere that this thing will clear 175's. pretty clever concept. made from 4130, looks like it has some big tire clearances... im looking forward to hearing more about this one, as for now this is just in the proto phase. wonder what size 26 tires you could fit in this bad boy...

mike and jamil's quick teaser

fuck looks like some serious shit here... psyched for this one to drop

sean coats: busTTed bike check

here's seans busted gorirra... still going tho... sean ur nuts jumping sets that big on a cracked frame.



some real familiar spots in there.

gnarly fucking crash scene.

c'est la merckx

i guess i didnt catch it before... but that park is fucking killer.

iphone4 quick clip

pretty rad... im psyched to see more quick shit filmed on ipones...

off TTopic: the worlds largest skateboard


happy 8th birTThday daichi lee

here's daichi's 8th birthday edit. haha. anyways, lookin pretty good. i expect to see more of these grom kids coming up. this posse's ahead of the curve.

taylor dwighTT: scraps

these are taylor old flipcam "scraps"... keep watch for a follow up edit. its good to see some footage from this guy, its been way too long, although he says he's injured, so maybe he'll have time to throw more of his "scraps" together while he's out.


solid. seen at wrahw

fun in the sun

cab5 at 1:24 is fucking nuts.

andrew voegeli

that brick bank spot is fucking unreal.

oscar vs gus

rad flick here. cruisin through the park. definitely looks like good times.



skate shit

go skate day 2010. this shit is crazy. so many people showed up, itd be rad if we had something like this. not a contest, not a group ride, just a massive meet and ride spots day. i think this fixed scene is getting a little bit clouded with the who's who and whats what (not that skateboarding isnt) but itd be rad to take a step back and just meet up to ride like this and push it for no reason besides riding bikes (something other than critical mass).

mike chacon...

...boosting one. love these one trick flicks

planet hops

goodbye jw

kinda long... mellow.


cory vulTTure

still doin it. still riding with narrow bars and small tires... kickin it "old school", but keeping the tricks fresh.




4th of july

steven jensen

this dude continues to blow everyone else out of the water... unreal... as usual, fucking killing it.

friday nighTT...

...fuck shit up

"i want you..."

" get a shitty folding bike like this one from walmart." 
happy 4th motherfuckers.

the hisTTory channel: rooTTs edition


flat fix happy TTuesday

some mellow trickin


weird pista

yeah... its weird alright.

sfg wk

quick one.

check TThis out

not quite sure whether i love it or hate it.... either way, its a site.

krislc's TTemporary whip

shit is bonkers.

"get this kid a fixed gear"

saw it on tricktrack... dudes got skills