swoo's hop bar TTutorial

favor bikes?

from the same people who brought the grunge trick frame that no ones heard of... this is the achilles... looks pretty solid, dig the wishbone. check em out

seen at lockedcog

pfg: daniel torres

fucking nuts. massive stair hop. fucking massive as fuck. seriously.

seen at lockedcog

zlog bff

yeah... this ones already everywhere... minimal fixed shreddage in here, but a cool look at bff.


hump day

sean burns getting you over the hump

eighth inch cranks

rumor has it these are available over at eighthinch.com cruise over and check it out...
looks like about $230 for the setup... kinda steep in my opinion, but still a bit cheaper than profiles.


leader shadow sneak peeks

this thing looks pretty killer... mid bb, huge tire clearance, and check out those chainstays... nuts man. 
full specs seen on tricktrack
*Frame Sizes (cm): 51 / 53 / 55 / 58

*Top Tube Lengths (in): 22.0, 22.4, 22.8, and 23.5

*Chainstay Length (in): 15.4

*Head tube Angle: 74º

*Seat Tube Angle: 75.5º

*Dropout thickness (mm): 6

*Seatpost Diamater (mm): 27.2

*Seat Tube O.D. (mm): 31.8

*Headset Type: 1-1/8" Threadless Standard
*B.B. Shell Width (mm): Mid
*B.B. Thread Type: n/a

*B.B Height (in):  TBD

*Rear Hub Spacing (mm): 120

*Wheel Size: 700C

*Max Tire size: 700 x 50c ++
*Stand-Over Height (in):  TBD

*Material: Full Heat Treated 100% KHI Kawasaki Seamless CR-MO
*Weight (lbs):  TBD
 Colors: Flat Black Powder Coat, Raw Clear Powder Coat
*Side note: Shadow Forks sold separate


this is rad. mellow edit, just chillin at the skatepark. wish we had a mellow park like this where i live...

rooTTs: wow

this dudes got a bag of tricks...

rooTTs: iphone4 edit

hopefully this is the first of many iphone edits. i cant wait to see more of this.

c'est la merckx

pretty funny.  seen at PINP

nasty quick flicks

i love these short flicks... nasty is killing it right now... these two clips are nuts.
seen at PINP

wrahw witchtape 2

so rad. a few toms, torey, wonka, mike, the list goes on, jam packed.


grime frames: geTT em while theyre hot

g wiz

mr wizard doin his thing... dudes got some shit locked down these days. 

street coast jam

i know this ones been everywhere already... but... whatever. theres some fixed shit in there and specifically the grime bike in action.


first chick ive seen really pushing it... watch your back juliet, this chicks coming up. 

"raddest little kid ever"

if you havent seen this check it out... lets get this guy on a fixed drivetrain. 

in case you were wondering...

blade baker got pegs... haters gunna hate.... and blades gunna grind on some ledges and shit. keep em coming blade  (fixed gear shaun white)

leader shadow

josh boothby

grime yo mang

seen at prolly

TTeam rider jw

nothin too crazy here, but its shot nice. i dig the setting. cruising around is always awesome... mellow flick.


water street: shark week trick comp
seen on tricktrack

rooTTs: banned4

lots of bmx lately... but fuck it, this shit right here should blow your mind. i love the banned stuff.

vimeo hunTTing

digging around vimeo for fixed flicks and this one stood out... check the speed on this. super clean combo.



i know theres hardly any fixed shit today.... but this flick right here is fucking serious fire. watch it now. i was blown away within the first 20 seconds or so.

drop bars for life LOL

saw this over at TRACKO lol

skate shiTT

filming is shitty, but this setup looks amazing. some nutty tricks go down, worth a watch.

photo hunTT


cultur TTrip final days

krillz for g-shock

rad flick of krillz cruising around nyc. i dig it... this is what riding a bike is about
saw it at PINP and had to repost.


grime: krillz inTTerview

talking about the yo mang frame... these things are fucking awesome.

wrahw bff parTT 2

cypress and friends

skate shiTT

rooTTs: bone deth

fuck yeah new bone deth flick


grime website live

the grime website has been updated... check it out

grime yomang: prollys pics

seen over at prolly's blog 
 those bars look pretty rad... check em here

fgl bootleg 4 ouTTakes

taliban tom is nuts



always awesome... check out the grime frame in action.


more young guns gettin their shred on

water street sessions



friday night...

...party with naked bmx chicks

fix me

solid. i love the fucking rawness of this edit.


fast vigorous sex

grime yomang

"Yo Mangs!
My 15 minute ride review;
Rode this thing for about 15 minutes plus or minus at Peel tonight. First hopping on it you deffinately felt a different "not so track feel" which I know I personally, and many of you are ready for. It handled super well, the back end if a little more burly than the rest, and the higher bottom bracket is a pretty cool feel. I wasn't sure if riding would feel squated at all, but it really seemed tone comfortable as a bile to cruise from spot to spot. I mean this is just my first reaction, I wanna get one of these bad boys hahaha, real bad! I just felt like I was finally riding a SOLID fgfs bike, not saying it's the only one, but with what i've rode, this tops the list. I can't wait to see mike and ed, and more to come rip on these! Soooo sick!
-charles schoen trick track

falling down