faret 2010

lots of riders, lots of different styles.

andrew voegeli

0:27 fuck yeah

villin freestyle frame

villin fixed freestyle frame. built around 26" wheels... looks insane, totally authentic, brazed, mean looking frame. i dig the realness/rawness of this thing. cant wait to hear more.

read more: here


fucking unreal. massive hop.

miles mathia

so rad... that frame is fucking killer.

mke visits chicago

good shit. good spots. solid riding.


bike of the monTTh

se4sons2013's nempro 26er
this has to be the most legit 26er i have ever seen... ill just let the pic and the specs do the talking, but fuck, this shit is as legit as it gets. fucking killing it.

Frame: Nemesis Project Trackfighter Custom
Color: Trans-Smoke
Size: 46cm
Fork: MKE Bruiser
Front Wheel: MTX33 laced 3x to 32h Surly Hub
Front Tire: 26x2.3 Geax Tattoo Light
Rear Wheel: MTX33 laced 3x to 32h Surly Hub
Rear Tire: 26x1.95 Specialized Hemisphere
Cog: Dura Ace 14t w/ Dura Ace Lock Ring
Headset: FSA Impact
Stem: FSA Gravity Gap OS 45mm, 31.8m
Bars: Funn Fatboy 2” rise, 26” wide, 31.8mm
Grips: Black Ops w/ ODI Bar Ends
Cranks: Demolition Medial 165mm
Sprocket: Tree-Lite 33t
Bottom Bracket: Kink Mid
Chain: Stolen Shackle Half-Link
Pedals: Demolition PC
Straps: Holdfast FRS
Saddle: Animal Cush Pivotal
Seat Post: Atomlab Pivotal 27.2x260mm
Seat Clamp: Sinz 31.8mm
Added Chainstay Bridge & Zlog Dropouts

hey boy


friday night...

...fuck shit up

407 in philly

that was it

skate shit


something for friday



haha... i like that animation at the end


hector ward fuck about

introducing mike dinh


way off topic... but shit, this is nuts. is it real?

pile of dirt

ride everything

RYD havoc frameset

blue collar fgfs. finally something that doesnt cost an arm and a leg, fits 26 with a decent tire, looks solid enough to take some abuse, even comes with a fork for around $300. cant wait to hear more about this. i've been following this on trick track and im psyched on the photos... PREORDER HERE

tune TTown

tunes x bikes

jake hecker

check it... boosting the pyramid

TThe heavy pedal nickname

didnt catch this one earlier... some solid shit in here tho. that stair ride line at 1:12 is fuckin cool/line at 2:29 - keeping it creative and original. correct me if im wrong, but i think this one slipped past without getting recognition... definitely solid, check it.


i dont typically post things like this... or talk down on shit, but seriously... WTF/WHY/FAIL


i like clever stuff like doubles and filming off another screen... keeps webflicks interesting... here's sfg messing around.

wierd bike man

superted riding the shoe tire bike...

remember the shoe bike? i dont remember ever seeing this video...

vimeo digging

i posted this earlier... but its worth a rewatch.


too rad not to re-post (seen at tricktrack)

vimeo digging

this is about a year old but still pretty relevant. theres some solid tricks in here. you can tell its age by yu's tire size haha. check it.


banned is the raw deal. you already know that bmx is your roots... these dudes are planting seeds. fucking killing it.

the hisTTory channel

this is one of my favorite sam miller flick. so many tricks in here were mind blowing at the time... think about it, this was uploaded on july 10 2008. we've come a long way from here, but shit, before this it was impressive to hop a couple steps or bust a keo spin. check it, i love this flick.

shiokaze highlites


the smoothest most natural style there is or ever will be.

the lasTT leg



wizard wednesdays

via velo trick jam

squeaks killing it

TTony fast

tony's been down since day 1. its good to see him still doing his thing.

muffin man

muffin man is currently one of my favorites to watch on bmx... check it.
check his blog: dahstreets.blogspot.com

super duty

kinda long


skiTTch toronto trip

rad TThursday


backflips? wtf


the roots are deep and theres no denying, we take influence from bmx. this flicks got some shit; through the trees, in the snow, blood, slams, big rails, turtles, "moon goon", the first shot itself is fucking nuts, the rest of this is pure entertainment. this is definitely worth a watch. through the trees at 0:32 and the line at 1:40 ha.

steven jensen bmx


richmond va

"cops are ghey" -raffy

scooterz lol

i still cant decide whether i love it or hate it... either way, its entertaining.its saturday, youre better off riding your bike than checking blogs anyways. check it, you'll see some spots you recognize from fixed flicks.

friday night...

...road sodas.


he was sent from the future to show us the way. dude is FUCKING KILLING IT, every trick/every line is fire. this is fucking murder.


seen at: tricktrack

also, click the pic and link to my myspace... all my friends are music, check it out.

free steve

mostly bmx with some fgfs in the mix... loving the shit quality.


i posted this earlier, but i didnt fully understand last time. this is indeed designed around 26" wheels, it is said to be light as fuck, will not fit a 700c rear, and should be as strong as you expect from nempro. i cant fucking wait for this to hit the streets. i had to repost this shit once it all clicked.

"Don't email me asking when these will be available , as they wont for any time soon these are PROTOTYPES and are currently being developed for future production models." -nempro
check it out here: nem-pro blog

lol: cross training

looooooong sliders


that first spot is so rad...

flatland x trials?

...or something. not quite sure what to think of this, but its definitely worth the watch/entertaining. dont know whether to laugh, cry, or cheer... the line at 1:45 is berzerk nuts, fuck it, the whole fucking thing is nuts. creative dude to say the least.

seen at 14bikeco

spring break yallz


is that that allcity 26er style from trick track?

one trick: gus

ive said it before and ill say it again... i love these one trick edits. this spot is the shit, i think of it as "the nipple"... id hit that shit up everyday if i had one of these near my house. gus is coming up these days.


missed this one


26" bmx is fucking killer. in this flick: rad bikes, rad spots, legit tricks, too much to name. check their vimeo for more.


this dude is fucking nuts. shooting off guns in mid air and shit. fgfs got bmx roots dont forget it.

nasTTy interview

here it is... the nasty interview. he's definitely one of the most influential riders from that side of the world. check it out if you speak japanese.

long over due...

i usually dont dig filters, but im into this red effect and theres definitely some solid lines in here. that spot at the 30 second mark is fucking rad.

fixed love

brad... ur fucking killing it these days.

prophecy: the 26" fixed apocalypse

witness: vintagebmx.com
i dont know if anyone remembers this bike, but it serves as a sign of things to come. its a 26" cruiser from skull skates, which came with a flip flop rear hub and toe clips. this predates todays fgfs bikes like jurassic park. this in fact predates my first fixed bike... i considered one of these originally instead of a proper "track" bike. the fixed version is from 07 as noted in the diagram above.

witness: trick track
as many saw on trick track and also here and here R3N3G4D built up this bad boy way back in 2008. fucking way ahead of its time as noted in the previous post. the apocalypse has been prophesied... 26 is the redeemer

meth deaTTh mondays

"keeping kids off drugs since last week" lol

hard TTail fixed

you may or may not have seen this... i missed it. looks like someones riding a 26er frame fixed... pretty big hop up to that rail. this dude is on top of his game.

cvf welcomes pedal consumption

i know its kind of old, but i definitely missed this. short and sweet. check it.

skate shiTT

here's some pretty solid skate shit filmed by erik v. i dont know about you, but the skateboard is what got me started.


i love seeing videos of euro stuff. the scenery and spots are almost just as cool as watching fixed shit.



kennington bowl

this shit kinda made me dizzy, but its killer nonetheless. i dig the filming. looks like a rad spot.

im psyched on mixtmeat... check that shit out.


check out wrahw for more about toreys toronto trip.


noTT bad

looks like these cog jerkers got something in the works for us...

bootleg sessions 4

cant wait.

gif presence

funny animated gif
funny animated gif
funny animated gif
funny animated gif
funny animated gif

wrahw: anTTonyo wothe

fuck yeah

407 fixed: philly

hey, tupac

its jusTT begun

hell of a line, short and sweet video, fuckin grinds to bar hop out... nuts. this is the next level.


If you click play on the player thats at the bottom of the page, it will continuously play from my vimeo channel... Kind of like tv... hence TTv. Try it, you'll like it. Its got all of the videos from this blog and then some.

bootleg sessions 1

you may or may not have caught this, but burd has uploaded the entire bootleg 1 video to youtube. i thought i would bring the whole flick to TTv by way of this playlist. if you havent seen bs1, it is a must watch. bootleg sessions is the original fixed gear freestyle video. looking back on these parts, its amazing how far we've come. this may have even been the second fixed gear offering EVER on dvd, only preceded by mash. take a good look... i watched this shit about 50 times when it first came out.

wrahw witchTTape

so rad. i love wrahw flicks. this shit definitely does not disappoint. i love how he's calling them witchtapes now haha. WRAHW is #1

nasty k@nt

nasty kills it. always stylish, always creative. no shortage of killer instinct here.

bike of the month

gnarcotix x nemesis project. 26" fixed, built around 26" wheels. this is probably one of the raddest setups i have ever seen. without a doubt; bike of the month for april... i know its like 2 weeks late, but i wanted to keep botm alive, and this has to be one of the best setups i have ever seen. 100% fucking killing it.

michael chacon

doin his thing with the twirls and shit.


caTTching up

ouTT of town

ive been out of town for a couple weeks. i will bring this back up to speed tonite. until then...

...everything is terrible

big kid bmx

furoche goes to atlanta

furoche and some death pedal antics.

shoeless bmx

the hisTTory channel

torey's bike check from back in the day... he's been in this shit since the beginning... its cool to check out old setups and watching the frames and parts develop.


old news to some...

vimeo digging: jordan burt

here's an older one from jordan burt. just messing around in a parking lot... i dig his style.


bmx shit

cool tunes, cool filming... some bmx shit. 0:43 and 2:05 are fire.

hitting the road

posts will be few. back in a week or so. got a little entertainment preprogrammed tho, so stay tuned.