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for the record. im not a fan of satan. i dont agree with using 666 as a marketing ploy... but here is the latest citygrounds flick. love it or hate it. shot pretty cool... and themed.

southpaw style

i saw it on trick track. some mellow neighborhood stuff.


the hisTTory channel

i was digging through some of my photos and found this pic is from 08, found on a bmx blog that is now dead. the build was way ahead of its time; dual 26, bmx cranks, slammed seat, plastic pedals, basically spot on aside from the plastic mag. at the time people were still doing tricks on "real" track bikes with 650 front for barspins.

found orginially HERE

mini grom

blade baker, youngest ive seen... watch the fuck out, this kids gunna be killing it before you know it. fixed gear shaun white? haha. anyways rad flick dude, keep em coming.

michael and jamil


pretty cool. short and to the point.

Update: Here's the rest of the video.

slam your seaTT

more radness from krislc.

beaver's spring edit

the slam at the end of this is heavy... had to watch it like 3 times

zlog zack's 26 fix

this is probably one of the better 26ers ive seen. im a sucker for a murdered out bike, looks like a proper setup too. im dying to try some 26" wheels. hopefully he'll post up a full bike check soon?

seen at: ZLOG

one TTrick

again... i love the one trick web vids.
seen at zlog

tanner monmaney


pretty cool

look both ways before crossing the street

seen at PINP


i love these one trick web vids.


the sylin frame comes in large now. i think these are pretty cool, they look like 26" bmx bikes. probably look rad with a set of 26" wheels and have a cool looking geo. i dig the sloping top tube, integrated headset and seatpost clamp, comes in raw. this frame is killer. any word on tire clearance?


mellow spots, good lines, broken frame, euro trick riding. definitely worth a watch or two.


the revival 2?

i havent even seen the first one yet...

the grime 420

vimeo digging

two in a row... i know. just trying to keep things interesting. this is a flashback to the days of tarck bikes, when actual track bikes were the choice for tricks. tons of keo spins and shit like that. kinda cool. kid in the oakland hat at 4:37 got moves man. haha.


congo is one of the coolest guys out there these days. looks like a little self filming mission.

vimeo digging

this is the friends section from no cassets... i never saw the flick, but this makes for a pretty cool web edit. some hills in there too, which is rarely seen on this blog. definitely worth a watch. check it.


rad, custom geekhouse, fgfs style, but i dont think its fixed. belt drive. awesome details everywhere on this build. check out all the info at open bicycle

slum worm

some pretty cool lines in here. he definitely keeps his speed up and keeps his lines moving. check the last line, pretty rad.

also, check out his blog at: http://slumworm.blogspot.com/

bootleg sessions 4

i can still remember when number 1 came out. this shit definitely blazed the trail for current fixed freestyle. the original bootleg sessions was the first video showcasing this style of riding, and im really looking forward to getting my hands on this to complete my collection. on the bummer side of things, this will be the last edition of the infamous bootleg sessions. looks like an epic line up this time around, pick up a copy HERE.

ridin dirty

so many rad tricks in here.


short... but its good to see that Keo is still killing it.

fukuoka cruising

some 700cmx in traffic. mellow cruising, long wheelies/backwards rides.

erik v

lots of skatepark shit. bunnyhop bars on lock. that ender/grind on the santa ana park stairset ledge is nuts.


philly mixtape


the revival

tony x jeremiah

jordan burt

a quick one from jordan burt...


charge fail

looks like this might be the wrong tubing for the job...

Here is what Charge had to say:
Re: Charge Scissor

Postby JimCharge » Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:55 am
Good morning Trick Trackers

My name's Jim, I work for Charge Bikes (one of 3 full time staff memebers) I'm also the guy that if you emailed in about Corey's frame replied to you. Firstly, I thought I'd post the pictures of Corey's frame which helped us to determine his frame as not under warranty.

Secondly, I'd like to re-iterate that the warranty covers our frames and parts against failure arising from faulty materials or workmanship within the warranty period (in this case 1 year). The warranty does not cover any damage, failure or loss resulting from wear and tear, misuse or abuse, lack of or improper maintenance, unfortunate accident (crashing) or deliberate action and finally improper instalation or incompatible parts. This is standard throughout the bicycle industry.

We absolutely honour every warranty claim that falls into the above requirements. As you can see from the pictures above, Coreys frame has had significant wear on the chainstay from grinding. These repeated impacts have caused the weakening of the tubing and his frame to bend, as it would on any bike. This is the damage which has caused his frame to bend not any defect in material, workmanship or design but rather misuse/abuse or crashing.

We offered Corey a reduced cost replacement which he turned down. We're not required to do this considering his frame is not warrantable but offered it anyway as a gesture of goodwill and we can only appologise about the delay in getting his frame back to him, unfortunately due to the time delay with emails going back and forth there is inevitably going to be some delays with communication between ourselves and our distributor and this is what has caused the delay.

Finally, I'd like to say that we're commited to providing the highest quality products for all cycling disciplines and would never release a product without being 100% confident in it's ability to perform well. We have been supporters of fgfs since it started, supporting riders, competitions and providing specific products for longer than many of you will have been riding fgfs. We all ride bikes at the end of the day and wouldn't put anything into production that we weren't happy to ride ourselves. If anyone has any questions or worries about their own frame or any of our products please do get in touch with me. I am more than happy to answer them and help where I can.

Charge Bikes


totally nuts... this is an awesome edit. probably the best i've seen from these guys. i had to watch this twice just to soak it all up. there's tons of hammers in here. must watch.

george joey brandon in nyc

alex royal web edit


"...this is 10 minutes you'll have to watch twice to believe." grimest.com

monday night movie

bone deth the movie. LOL. so fucking awesome.

spring trippin'

kris killing it as usual. digging the wall kick footplant at the banks. all his tricks are getting dialed these days.


oscar kahn

new bike, new tricks, new spots. short and sweet... the rail ride at the end is killer.

michael chacon

some good lines in here. solid crank arm/pedal grind... pegless at that.

oldy but goodie

this is an old one i missed from months ago. i dig the rawness of this edit. these guys have gone on to fucking kill it these days.


long beach doing their thing. more tricks than ever. more spots than ever. rad. that nose man to gap by matt at 1:21 was nuts.

missed this

looks like its from february or so... mellow edit from la brakeless?

broke fork

seen at: lockedcog

sean coats!!!!

i love watching this dude ride. looks like they made it out to nyc and got a chance to shred the banks before they shut it down. so rad. sean is on the come up these days. seen at: prolly

death pedal 2 extras

death pedal 2 bonus footage. cool man. buy it now.


lots of people want to talk shit... but i think its rad. itd be cool if there were a frame built around the 26" wheel concept. here are todays 26" trailblazers. personally i feel like mike schmitt of rva fixed really set this shit on fire. not only does his bike look legit (top pic) (previous post) but his riding speaks for itself. you can definitely build a more solid wheel, fit bigger tires, and have better barspin clearance with a dual 26 setup. it has its downfalls, but i like where its going.


some riding from overseas again... this guys got a bag of tricks in the works. mostly skatepark footage, but definitely mellow with some good lines in there.


this one is pretty old. but its pretty big. noteworthy?
either way... check it.

josh boothby

josh blasting some big shit showing motherfuckers how its done. that 3 down the first set is fuckin big. pedal grinds are legit. these are short clips, but pack full of hits.


that shit looks like fun.


quick one

here's a quick one of some wheelie shit. the opening shot is real cool.

w-base taiwan trip last day

obviously i missed this one...


suuuuuuper long slider. theres been a few people just ripping super long sliders lately. fucking awesome. wbase is pretty rad and has been killing it on the fixed scene for a long time now.

check out wbase.com


check 1:51. this dude is smoothe. makes tricks look effortless. its rad when you havent seen someone ride before and they come in so proper. the spots over there in rotterdam look so rad. cant wait to see more from these guys.

skate shiTT

magic tricks with wizard

long beach doing their thing. wizards got some shit nailed down these days. good to see his videos getting the kind of coverage they deserve.

360 smoothie

so clean. i like these one trick videos that people put up. better than puffing up some bullshit with tons of filler.

some junk

same shit different bike

i dig this shit. this is a rad concept. never seen it done before... nonstop entertainment from these guys.



saturday in mke

pretty cool spots. some legit tricks. antonyo's got a smoothe style.

frenchies freestylin

a trick comp from france. theres some gnarly shit in here. definitely worth a watch.

seen at prolly


your favorite fixed gear super heros... shredding the old fruit boots.