this guy is killing it right now.

"skate shiTT": nagajoose

a trailer for the upcoming flick. looks rad, raw, creative. theres some rad minishred tricks in here alongside some big shit.

sol0 3d1t

this is the latest from pj padua... he's progressing, got some new tricks locked, and looking solid on his bike. it gets me amped to see these younger guys getting some shit dialed.

quick clip: michael stanis

here's a quick clip from packy golan michael stanis getting sliders dialed. pretty long one.

"skate shiTT"

some creative shit from theeve and drew dezort. i dig the wallie action. dont miss this its short and packed full.

rooTTs: sean burns

sean burns is the shit. i try to cover all things sean burns that i can... he's one of those riders that comes through with mindblowing footage everytime, and this is some fire right here. must see TTv. check the 0:23 mark for some wtf shit. i havent read up on the other blogs yet or asked permission of the fixed gear blog gods, but dont miss a sean burns flick check it.

quick clip: saint pete fixed gear

this ledge is so rad. super long grind from saint pete fixed gear.

irvine kids

here's a flick from orange county... the OC. theres some rad spots in irvine, i used to skate a bunch of these spots. kinda long, kinda shakey, but a look at whats going down in pleasantvile oc.

@morning ride

more from the gnar brad show... the dude is fucking nuts. that handrail is legit. brad's come a long way since i used to ride with him, but he's always had that crazed fearless mentality to push it and blast unbelievable shit that you didnt even see coming. get psyched on this. brought to you by deathc00kies... the realest.

'tis the season

'tis the season... tis the fucking reason i havent been able to post as of lately. packy and friends got rad style, solid bags of tricks, and have seriously stepped their shit up since the last edit. these dudes are some of my fravorite up and coming names. follow these guys they're on their way up.

wolfdrawn: 2010 crashes

the man, the myth, the legend... matt spencer stays fucking killing it. wolfdrawn edits never disappoint. this ones got the best names in the game in it. gotta love that sean coats zoom in... literal lol shit.

aloha tanner

tanner kills shit always and has been around for ages. aloha fixed "4life".

wheeltalk extras

extras from wheeltalk... i missed some serious fuckin fire in the past few days... a few days in internet time is like 6months in real life. totally fucking blowing it.

wrahw weirdyvision

toreys webflicks are the best on the net. there is no such thing as throw away with this guy. watch and learn, wrahw sets a standard that most will never reach. torey is an "original coors".

fish and chips xxx 2010

here's the first of many ketchup posts... you can use ketchup as fake blood, to fake a murder, to pretend you're fucking killing it... also, you can accuse me of "blog rape" all day if you want to, i want to have a running history of fgfs flicks, because i love this shit. so, rape, murder, killing it, stealing it, whats the difference... this is the internet, and you all stole your sport from bmx. lol.

no inTTernet

TTHIETTH headquarters' internet is down due to fuckface landlord, holiday shit, and moving across town... should be back on track by the end of the week. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

the hisTTory channel: keo

way back before the days of big tires, pegs, and 26" wheels... even before the days of frames that were built for trick shit, this was some fuck your head up footage. keo is one of the great grandaddys of this motherfucker. these were some of the most amazing tricks we'd ever seen. im glad we've "branched out" or moved past this, but dont forget where we're coming from and how young this shit is.

sf winter chill

lots of big spins, wheelies, and pop up barspins... some old school "tarck" trickin.

2010 fgfs taiwan championship

the guys at bb17 sent this over. havent had a chance to watch it yet, but trick comp edits are usually some good shit and im a bb17 fan...



some psycho killer shit... you've probably already seen this, its been on the vimeo for a while. this is actually a repost from my other blog back in april... but i thought maybe some of you evil shits might dig this. worth the watch whether you like the tunes or not.


some fuck around shit from clint. i always check this guys flicks out, this ones some quick funny shit.

drews sadiobike

more of yesterdays news today... this is a real solid edit from someone i dont think ive seen before. from surachet manowong on vimeo.

pee pee cha cha

this is yesterdays news... but its relevant. santos is going huge, featuring some little brother shit.

zero to go part 2

they know how to have an event over there... looks like some good times. some clean charmer builds in here, and those zero to go shirts are looking pretty fresh too.


SHMOB posse fucking shit up. tyler's dirt hill bomb was fucking nuts, shanes got cab threes dialed, way too many tricks in here to call out. must see TTv. fucking killing it.

"skate shiTT"

every weekend lately... i fuck you up with some skate shit... email me if you hate it. i think skate flicks are the shit. this one features a spot that was in a previous flick i posted. dont underestimate the difficulty of blasting tricks off tiny tight transition, dont underestimate real skateboards, and most of all, dont underestimate the skatermade skatepark movement. this shits legit as fuck.

rooTTs: quick clip

long beach X rooTTs X quick clip. rad.

"skate shiTT": in print

pretty cool. i like themed shit and creative film sets.

steezy squares

long beach is holding it down hard these days... here's another posse putting shit down in dtlb. lol at that song. tons of footage here. this is the second or third flick ive posted from these guys... they keep em comin.

iminusd trick comp pt 4?

here's the 4th edit to surface of the iminusd trick comp. unlike with past events all of these edits seem to have their own perspective. this shits a little more raw than the previous... i dig it.

quick clip

hop up to ride on a sea wall. pretty cool.


went digging around youtube... some shit from "overseas" just for the fuck of it.


"skate shiTT"

fuck yeah some skate shiTT jaws edit style. i fucking love that movie.


#amicoolnow lol. sean got a cult stem the other day so he's cool now... i thought id blog some cult shit so i could be cool now too. haha. stupid fucking humor i know, just watch this shit.

T.D a.k.a NAKAMURA slowEdit.

heres a new one from yu kusumotoh, this dudes hammering down some tricks on his grime frame. always rad to see an edit with a frame ur into... and im definitely psyched on these grime frames.

26" bmx

this ones called "chill hour" its the latest from plonka. this time its his "homie" jeremy doing the riding. just some park shit. been following plonka on vimeo and i dig watching the rigid fork dirt jumper shit... 26" bmx.

rally: 혹한기 훈련

here's the latest from rally and planet hops... some serious christmas light shit going on in the background here... i wish we had some shit like this in my city. some killer spots in here, some sparks fly, worth a watch.

26" bmx

from the team who brought you that marino bikes custom... heres 26" bmx flick w/ some marino frames in action. check it.

iminusd trick comp

here's the third trick comp flick ive been able to dig up... a bunch of tricks in this one that werent in the others. this shit looks like it was epic.

phone camera times

theyre testing out a phone camera... pretty clean quality on this thing. minimal riding tho.

thailand zero to go part 1

more from the breakbrake crew and their charmers...


more iminusd comp footage

here's another look at the iminusd trick comp. i dig the trick comp edits... even if the tricks are the same, you get to see the comp from a different persons shoes and shit.

andrew voegeli

here's a couple new ones from voegeli... i dig his style, whats this video theyre talking about? some new shit? who else is in it? id be psyched to see a full part from voegeli, the dude gets down.

us vs them demo

looks like a good deal here... wasnt this the same weekend as the imdb comp? that'd thin the crowd.

quick clip: ricardo lino

pretty solid mini clip here. the foggy setting is rad like end of the world looking shit.

three hours with shea

you can expect rad production quality from skitch. tom briggs x shea hardacre... some real deal shit right here. super legit for something filmed in only three hours.

iminusd trick comp

as far as i know this is the first video to surface... some rad shots for a first time edit too... nice work mikul. dont miss this shit.

quick clip: rally

love these quick clips.

scum city vol. 1

fuckin psyched on these bumstead flicks.

double trouble

i fell asleep at the wheel today... but 1:09 and oscars ender take the cake in this flick.

lab rats in the bay

this is some next level shit from these three...


shmob with some chillfiliming... filming some chillout shit. parking lot sessions with your homeboys is where the fuck its at. shmob posse keeps the webflicks coming.


solid edit from gus and cultur...

great white north

shea, swoo, lamarche, briggs... big names doing big things up north. check it. 

"skate shiTT": colin arlen

i know ive been posting a lot of skate shit lately... but this ones "relevant". colin arlen by colby elrick... a skate flick. i really fuckin hope colin still skates, this shit is way legit. i never knew... must see TTv.

thunderkill build

charles posted his recent TK build on trick track... looks fucking legit.

marino bikes custom trick build

this shit blew me away... fucking rad frame, neg bb drop, 29x2.35 (massive tires). this shit is so legit, that raw looks epic. rad geo, clean build, fuck yeah. 

build specs:
Frame- Marino Bikes custom frame
Fork- NS fundamental 3
Wheels- P35s to formula hubs
Tires- F. Schwalbe Big Apple 29x2.35 R. Continental 700x54c
Bars/Grips- Answer Pro Tapers/ ODI Longnecks
Cranks- Madera Protocol 175mm
Sprocket- Madera Helm 28t
Pedal/Straps- Atomlab/ burro straps
Seat/ Seatpost- Animal
Cog/ Lockring- MKE 12t

thunderkill frame: coming soon

looks like TK is ramping up for frame sales... time to get psyched.

26" bmx

this is some killer homegrown big bmx shit... i think this is the second 26bmx flick ive seen using this same song. lol. its a good one tho, watch it now.

free justin taylor

from vimeo "A few clips we flimed before Justin went to the clink to avoid probation" 

"skate shiTT"

been watching a lot of skate flicks lately, and this ones a fucking killer web edit. rad skate style, super legit tricks, entertaining webflick for sure.

skate shiTT: toTTal repost

ive never done this before to my knowledge... but this is total repost, a repost of something i already posted. i just want to emphasize that this is the raddest fucking slam video i think ive ever seen. watch for the details... an ice cream truck rides by immediately after the slam... "do you need me to call somebody" in the background... and "dude your whole fucking face" this shit is fucking rad classic unforgettable unrepeatable. watch it again, watch it for the first time... MUST SEE TTV total repost.

unknow raffle

here's your chance to snag one for free. fuck yeah.

unknown bike build

 fuck i love a murdered out build. this thing looks so clean. i kinda got my eye on one of these, but im waiting to see what rev2 looks like. below are build details. cant wait to hear more about these.
saw this over at the phoenix blog.

Frame: Unknown Bike Co. V1 (small)
Fork: Unknown Bike Co.
Headset: Odyssey 
Stem: Animal Jump Off
Bars: BB17 680mm 
Grips: Animal flangless Ed's
Seat: Animal Strip
Post: DMR
Clamp: Generic
Cranks: Unknown Bike Co. 165mm 
Sprocket: Unknown Bike Co. 36t
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Pedals: Animal PC
Front Wheel: All City Sheriff/generic spokes/MTX33
Rear Wheel: All City Sheriff (13t cog)/generic spokes/MTX33
Tires: Kenda Kinniption 2.3 front and rear
Pegs: Shadow Conspiracy little ones

off TTopic: its winter

more snow shred shit... this is an oldie but goodie. worth a look, this one kind of put me on to snowboarding back in the day.


have breakfast with hoder today... this edit is rad. even if youve already seen this, its worth a rewatch.

"skate shiTT"

more from the local heros at trong your mind... these guys keep the edits coming and stay fucking killing it... homegrown skate shit done right.

aloha fixed: 290ed

looks like aloha fixed will be posting up their flick 290ed piece by piece on vimeo... heres the first section. 

how to crimp your frame

i saw this over at lockedcog... its definitely relevant. those of you with older frames and minimal clearance might want to give it a try.

wizard: find a way

fuck yeah, psyched to see marwin keeping the dream alive, keeping his bag of tricks fresh, keeping it creative, and keeping us entertained.


"skate shiTT"

something new from huf.

california love

mike and ed are in california for the iminusd comp... looks like they are on top of their shit right now too. check the 0:14 mark... so killer.

via: thisshitiseverywhere

proud cat tires

proud cat coming through with some tires... 45c, nice tread, no reflective shit.

bumsteads/fixed cult bike checks

i dig bike checks... some riding in here too.


this ones kind of off topic... no riding in it, but some close ups of those resist tires and congos new chrome fork and bars... rad combo.


another one from micah fischer... his filming and editing is on point. this ones been up for months now, hiding out on vimeo. its old but i had to repost. check it.

quick clip: got it

shane from shmob putting in some work... nothing like hammering down a new trick. nose pivot slider is one of the raddest looking tricks out in my book.

a lovely day to ride for no one

this edit is rad. clean filming and editing... rad setting, some killer spots, creative tricks, and digthat title.  feeling that madlib joint too... dont miss this one, must see TTv.

its a lovely day to blog for no one. lol.

via pedalconsumption

"skate shiTT"

some high speed skatepark shredding... that spot looks like fun.


adventures of HTW. this is some "hood shit" haha. love these kind of flicks.

seen at


this chick has a "cult following" ...and THIETH loves that kind of shit. search her name on youtube to see some freak fans worship videos. if you like this, check out her other band, bubonic plague. killer, original sound.


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remember this?

 remember this?

looks like its built up? saw this on trick track...

usvsthem: improvise & survive

this is an event teaser... lots of big names in it... im always amped to see congo ride and he's got some tricks in this one. definitely check it.

winter edit

here's the latest from ronnie... some rad shit in here. his bike is looking killer lime greened with matching bars. super psyched on that hop off bike to kickflip hop back on... .

seen at: prolly


fuck yeah!!!!! shmob X TTvBLOG. this is a teaser for their upcoming murder edit. get psyched. huge thanks to shane.

albert: fixed gear tricks 2

the kid can spin... definitely got that shit dialed.

mike for nike

totally skipped past this one... some mike chacon nike.

zero to go

i dig the freestyle bike mob rolling down the street.

TALON - instant x SAG

some fixed and some skate... the bag looks pretty rad too.

more proud cat pics

here's more from proudcat. check those drop outs... definitely psyched on that shit. 
check out more a the proud cat blog

rooTTs: eastern slider contest

this is SOOOO fucking rad. must see TTv.

alpha lab 26" fixed

fuck yeah. this thing looks killer. about time theres a chromed out fgfs whip. looks like neg bb drop, but those tires are kinda small by current standards. we'll see as this thing develops. saw it over at prolly's joint. 
head over HERE for more info

mixtmeat: little planet test

this shit is rad. lol. MIXTMEAT


this edit is fire. long beach spots, some huge rails, some cool music, rad bike flavor; black kit with chrome bars and red grips. check it.


steven jensens dual 26 vandal

saw this over at zlogblog, its stevens volume vandle proto build. that raw looks fucking rad.

another dual 26 mordecai

solid build from basik on trick track... related to the tire topic... this is another tire im into for 26 riding. comes in 2.15 and 2.3. they look killer on those mtx33's.  check em out here... i dig that tread.

dmr supermoto tires

these tires look fucking rad... as seen on renauds nempro (bike of the month). ive been looking to get my hands on these for a bit now, but it seems they're hard to come by in the states. they're lightweight, low rolling resistance, and come in 2.2 which is a killer size for the mordecai (giving you a little extra room for untrueness). check em out here, here, and here. also available in black if white walls arent your deal.

torontofixed soon

heres a super mini from tronoto fixed. dig that vignette and the colors in that parking structure. short and sweet.

quick clip, wk warming up

this is some "bootleg" footage of wk warming up... one line quick clip. wk definitely has smoothe style.

swoo: this is how i sTTudy

some funny shit from swoo... fucking with his bike for a little bit on a study break.

off TTopic: ⋈ ✟ϟ✟ ⋈ - ℱ๏☩Ξ ⅈ ♄⊙ϟℰ

the latest music video from matt spencer... i dig this one.

venice cruisers

here's a new one from enzo santi, they're holding down some solid tricks, look forward to more from these guys, and venice beach coming with flicks these days. kill it.

dane dubow by nikon jow

the latest from nikonjow featuring dane dubow... solid first edit for dane.

anti brake: chine dh

haha. definitely fixed drive and definitely freestyle.

quick clip: rally

heres a quick clip from rally... one liners are fuckin rad. pretty solid line, dig that spot, it looks rad on camera.

two days edit

heres a new one from rtztkd... theres some pretty cool curb tire slide mini shred action in here.

im a tricker

some shit from "over seas". 

x-life proud cat trick frame test

more proud cat proto test flick action is surfacing... pretty solid flick... dig that super low res quality. i dig how these are looking built up/on camera.

"skate shiTT"

skate fast.

roll one

fuck yeah chuckie. dudes rolling on the white wall nation... fucking shit up proper, keeping edits coming. get psyched, dudes been on the fgfs thing for a long time now, its good to see some real solid edits.

rick anderson

this edit is so fucking clean, big tricks, super clean filming, rad style. this kid has some serious fucking skills, cant wait to see more. must see TTv, and by all means fucking killing it. two of them today. fuck yeah.

deathcult: night of terror

this shit is fucking rad. themed edits are the shit and this ones fucking killer old horror style.
seen at deathc00kies, the realest. fucking killing shit.

"skate shiTT"

trong your mind is some local shit. this posse kills shit, keeps it original, and keeps the flick and pics coming... check them out; TRONGYOURMIND

off TTopic: its winter...

...get your gnar on. this shit is fucking nuts... saw it at mixtmeat and had to re-blast it.

unknown bikes

the captions on the pic say it all... fuck yeah. when/where/how much???


this one goes out to renaud and his bike of the month.