TTv TTop posTT /// andy sparks

damn / andy sparks put in some work for this shit / i love his style, super unique / OG tricks with new school mentality / duder has some serious bike control / he definitely utilizes the fixed drive-train / the last two clips were nuts

jackson bradshaw /// gang signs extras

some extra clips that didn't make the cut for FOAD gang signs

side order of RK

these duders have a mixtape in the works but they decided to drop some sick park shredding from robert rice and christian alivera / smooth moves from both these duders / i really like how they filmed and put this one together

bulltrain /// youngtak summer

nothing's better than some good summer night shredding


sick shit from miguel z

wolfdrawn /// sesh tape 3

the sesh tape series is coming out nicely / this one features some antics and firework action / congo making a nice reentry with the feeble hard 180

wheel talk /// cfty3 commercial

always good stuff from wheeltalk / valentine's last clip in this is nuts