monday sucks /// eat shiTT


fixing supper /// cyclocross

this shit is super rad / fun to watch / demolishing anything in his path

coda hampton 2014 summer

coda hampton bringing it / bunch of heat pack into just 1 minute / tooth hangover at the end was really sick

TTv TTop posTT /// elliott milner for bombtrack

elliott milner is unreal / he is on a whole other level / being elliott milner you know to expect some amazing nose manuals, hang fives, oppo shit, and wild grind combos / he maintains his classic style and yet continues to broaden his variety of tricks / elliott is a rider that hasn't ceased to progress and push himself / everything i've seen from him is better than the last / his part in stay strapped was one of my favorite video parts ever / now he's back again, less than 6 months doing it even bigger / great filming/editing from wolfdrawn / elliott making big moves for bombtrack / fucking killing it

TTv TTop posTT /// justin schual 2014

just schual rips / my only complaint about his riding is that we dont see enough of it / he's always pushing shit and trying stuff that's never been done on fixed / fucking killing it

wheelie wednesday

sick video from kris of lockedcog / having fun with some classic tarck trickin' / making it look good / nothing beats the feeling of bustin a good wheelie

hisTTory channel /// death of barcelona

the Death of Barcelona from TURF BIKES on Vimeo.

izik service /// gang signs extras

izik service's clips that didnt make it into gang signs / izik slays, he aways trying weird setups and tricks / he comes out of nowhere and lands shit with ease