TTv TTop posTT /// bangkok bound กทม. ที่ถูกผูกไว้

awesome to see this video in it's entirety / the US squad and all of the local chillers&killers went in for this video / i think it came out great / the skatepark section and the end were my favorite / rad production from CHOP EM DOWN FILMS / if you haven't seen the whole thing watch it, and if you have watch it again

jordan ramos /// insta edit

a bunch of sick insta clips from jordan ramos / duder has been stepping up his game / getting those nosie bars and feeble hards / rad

winTTer shred


aaron keokham /// park edit

aaron keokham taking his skills to the park / i always enjoy edits from this duder

NOWADAY by 88artwork /// #ENDfgfs

hangin out and trying some flatground tricks / always enjoyable / love the blindfolded bar

TTv TTop posTT /// steven jensen

when steven jensen puts out an edit you know it is going to be fire / this one's for spike parts / steven coming through with some pretty wild combos / he's always taking it to the next level / the fast hang nothing was rad, as well as the ender / my favorite clip is definitely the fakie footjam whip / catching pedals super clean / on point production from wolfdrawn behind the camera / steven jensen is king

randy rush /// 5050 interview

holding it down for new york

daniel martinez jr. /// mini warehouse edit

nice warehouse shred / looks fun


bangkok bound /// event

some rad shit went down at the jam / looks like therse duders had fun at the cant fool the youth premier / good stuff / stay tuned for the next section tomorrow